Grandparent's Corner

This page is designed to keep the grandparents of my sweet children and other friends and family up to date on the children's sizes and wish lists.  They are growing so fast, but I intend to update this page at the least before birthdays and holidays, but I will try to update it as they grow and change the best I can.

Sizes: last updated on January 2016

Hannah-  10 dresses, 10 pants, shoe size 4
Genevieve-  10 dresses, 10 pants, shoe size 3
Isaac-   7, shoe size 2
Drew-  wearing size 5, shoe size 11
Benjamin Judah- currently wearing 2T and 3T
Bobby- 6-12 months

Wish Lists:  Here are our Amazon wish lists.  Whenever the kids show interest in something at a store or at someone's house, I search for it on Amazon and add it to their list because they can't ever think of anything to ask for when people ask what they want.





Benjamin Judah