Wednesday, March 1, 2017

First Volksmarch of the Year: Bad Durkeim

The weather finally held out for us to have a nice walk.  A Volksmarch is basically a scheduled and mapped out hike on a path with a bunch of people.  The walks are always beautiful.  They usually have three or more distances and have signs marking where the trail turns for each level.  We usually do the shortest one with the kids.  This past weekend was a 5K, and we invited some friends of ours to join us.  Brian pushed Judah and he pretty much didn't walk at all this time.  Usually, he'll hop in and out if we have the stroller.  I wore Bobby.  Both the little guys were super happy in their comfy spots.  With a friend to talk to the walk just flew by for me.  At the end of the walk, we stopped at a flea market and grabbed some brats and currywurst for lunch and then we walked into town for ice cream.

Bad Durkeim was just under an hour from our house and has a signature giant wine barrel which is where the walk began.  Another fact about these walks are that there are many groups of volksmarchers.  We are members of the Roadrunners.  Many of the Roadrunners go on a march every weekend and collect stamps from the walk and patches.  Throughout the trail there are check points where you can get your booklet stamped.  Usually, there are snacks and drinks available, like hot tea and cookies were provided this time.

It wasn't nearly as cold as Judah makes it look.  It was in the 50's and sunny, but if you weren't moving the wind did make it chilly.

The kids enjoy them, but Hannah always complains on the way there.  She just doesn't like to leave the house for almost anything.  Our walk was Saturday and on Sunday we took the kids (after Mass) to the Lego Batman movie.  This was the first movie that we have all gone to together since Genna's first movie in a theater, Horton Hears a Who.  This was Judah and Bobby's first movie in a theater.  Bobby did fine, but only watched about 60% of it.  He ate his lunch and an apple to help keep him busy and seated.  Judah thought the movie theater was pretty cool and said his favorite part was when Batman shot the rope at the Joker.