Tuesday, April 25, 2017

One Last Visit Before We Leave

The day before we were flying back home, we had been in the clear of stomach bugs for a few days and it seemed like it was all over.  So my cousin, his wife, and his two children were able to meet us at a park for the morning.  His wife is an amazing photographer and got some really good group shots.  I need her for our family photos!

All had fun until Genevieve fell off of the top of the monkey bars and hit her head on the metal pole on the way down.  We are pretty sure she had a mild concussion, but I did not end up taking her to the ER because she didn't have any major troubling symptoms other than a couple dizzy spells and headaches (lasted about a week).  I did make her sit out of all sports, rough housing, and trampoline jumping for almost two weeks just to be safe.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Arboretum in Dallas

My mom's good friend had a membership to the Arboretum, and she wanted to take us all to the kids' section.  The kids had so much fun there!  


The pictures are majorly out of order.  There was a tot park, a maze, a climbing tree, a water and wind section, and a science experiment.  The science experiment was at a scheduled time and it was really great for all ages.  The guy running it was super good with keeping the kids' attention and with explaining things on their level.  The kids were split up by age so all but the girls were partnered up with another kid they did not know.  There were actually about three small experiments all together.  They subject was soil.  They identified three types of soil and then did experiments to learn about the properties of those types of soil.

Drew loves science experiments!  He didn't even complain that he was partners with a girl we don't know.

I had to help Judah, but he was a very good listener and enjoyed it.

There was a water section when you could shoot these water guns at different things to make them spin or turn or even to turn on a fountain.  Hannah told me she thought they were rigged so that  you never could actually reach the water spray over the "lake" to the people on the other side, what she thought was the whole point.  I thought that was very funny that she actually thought the water guns were there to shoot strangers on the other side.  They were actually supposed to shoot at various target to make things spin or power a fountain.  She was so disappointed that she couldn't shoot the water at someone.

Here they are trying their best to shoot people on the other side.

He really has some funny expressions.  This is supposed to be his sweet smile for the camera.

This was the tot park with a stream to play in.  Bobby got a wet, wet bottom.

Judah's trying to hatch an egg.

Wind tunnel

Help from big sis!

A terrific group photo...finally!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Our Last Week in Texas

On our drive back from San Antonio to my parents' home, Bobby threw up twice.  He acted fine in between and seemed to feel fine with no fever.  After his first puke, I noticed the milk he'd been drinking was starting to clot up.  It was fine when it was poured in that morning, but something happened and it went bad.  I figured that plus being in the car may have been what caused it.  I kind of forgot about it after cleaning out the car seat and car really well when we got home.  

Then a few nights later as I was drifting off to sleep I had a fleeting thought that we hadn't had any emergencies or illnesses to speak of and we were almost done with the trip.  The next morning, as if on cue, Judah put his foot through a window.  

He started crying while I was finishing texting someone that we were about to leave.  I triage cries, you see.  I can't go running every time somebody cries.  Every child has different levels and kinds of cries.  Judah, for example, is pretty tough and will cry a certain way when his feelings are hurt because someone hit him and a different way when he is frustrated about a situation.  This cry seemed like the former.  Dylan had hit him a few times that week and it sounded like it was the same thing.  I finished my text and then started to round the corner when I heard my mom say, "What happened to you?!"  Turns out that I misdiagnosed his cry and he was bleeding all over the place from his heel.  He really is tough because just the blood alone would have put some of my children into a state of shock.  

After he told us what happened and I got him all cleaned up, it didn't seem to be worthy of stitches.  It was a flap that I just flipped back into place and bandaged it up.  The story goes that he and Dylan were playing Hide and Go Seek, when he hid behind the curtain in my parents' room on the bay window.  He got excited and backed into it too hard and his foot went right through the pane.  It is an old, single pane window.  My dad had commented earlier in the week that he hoped the window didn't break when they were playing back there and knocking on the window.  My mom thought that was the silliest thing she had ever heard.  

The irony got even crazier as the day progressed, when two hours later I was visiting a friend with the kids and about to have lunch when Judah starts telling me his tummy hurts and he wants to go home.  He's one of my social butterflies that NEVER asks to go home.  Luckily, he told me in time for us to make it to the bathroom before he threw up.  And our vacation ended right about then.  We got out of there as fast as we could.  I felt terrible that I hadn't seen this friend for 10 years and then here we come with germs to her house.  Praise the Lord, they didn't get sick, but it sure did go through our family.  The only survivors were Hannah, me, and Dylan.  Everyone else, including my mom got the one day stomach bug.  The worst part was that the big family get together where I was going to see all my cousins and their new babies had to be cancelled.  :(  Although I did get to see a few cousins at other times, some I never was able to see.  So sad!

Memories:  If you look very carefully over Drew's shoulder you can see the cardboard taped up window pane that Judah stuck his heel through.

In hind sight, I guess Bobby had it too earlier in the week.  He started in with never ending diarrhea that lasted more than two weeks right about when Judah got sick.  Genna was the next to fall that night.  Drew was the last nearly 5 days after Judah was sick.  

This may be too much information, but it is too cute not to report.  Bobby went and stood here, "hiding," while he did his business.  If I looked right at him, he'd look down like he is in the picture.

Judah was in his jammies still, but feeling better the next day.  I couldn't keep him isolated very well.  He's just too young.

The good thing was that we didn't have to go to the doctor because that is a pain when we are traveling, dealing with insurance and everything.  Plus, it was a short bug, with the exception of Bobby's diapers that lasted a long time.  

When every one was feeling better, just a few days before we boarded the plane.

This is just a cute video of Bobby.  I think I mentioned before that he really started talking a lot more while we were in Texas.  


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sprinkler Fun

When we came back from San Antonio to Dallas, we brought Dylan with us.  One day Mimi and Papa Boat turned on the sprinklers for some fun in the water.  We did get to swim at Aunt Kristen's house a few times, but I didn't get any pictures of that.  Drew is swimming for real now, by the way.  His lessons all year have finally paid off.  I am looking forward to a summer where I only have as many non-swimmers as I do hands again.  Anyway, back to the sprinklers...