Sunday, April 12, 2015

Saint Swap: Part 2, The Saints Came Marching In

A while back I posted my St. Lucy peg dolls for my Catholic Saint Doll Swap and promised the full group of saints once they arrived.  They were late due to some people not meeting the deadline, so they didn't make it in time for Easter baskets.  However, they are here now!

Since I had St. Lucy, the rules stated I could order a smaller doll (2.5 inch.)  I had no idea the doll would be this much smaller!  She is in the front between the guardian angel and St. Anne.  I had the only child and I kinda hate that mine stands out so much from the rest that are all the same 3.5 inch size.  I would have thought the head size would have compared a little closer in size since there was only an inch difference in them.  Oh well!  Next time I am ordering the bigger dolls!

The little boys really like them.  They started making them all fight the first day and I told them," The saints would never fight.  They would say Mass or something."  In a few moments I heard Drew saying the word "Mass" over and over while he made his saints jump around.  Those literal preschoolers are quite the entertainment.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Judah's Blue Eyes and His Love for Sticks

My big blue eyed boy has somehow broken blood vessels in one of his eyes and there is a big red spot in the white of his eye.  It was the day after these pictures were taken.  On this day, he fell in love with his baseball cap that we found in the spring stuff.  He even tried to take his nap in it, but of course it wouldn't stay on.

He is completely obsessed with sticks and it is a losing battle to try to keep one out of his hands when they are all over our yard.  I would have totally blamed a stick for the red spot in his eye had we been outside that day, but it had been raining nonstop and so I know he hadn't had any sticks.

A strange picture, I know, but he does this weird and dramatic leaning over pose to see something a lot and I just want to remember it.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Superheroes are taking over our house!

Brian caught me reading bedtime stories as Captain America.

Judah's following suit and loving the superheroes.

And it's a good thing since so many of his hand-me-downs are superhero themed!  A least the ones that Drew didn't wear out completely.  :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


We started the day bright and early with a 5:30am power outage that lasted only minutes, but in a house very dependent on fans for background noise to sleep, that means an end to the typical peaceful sleeping.  We went to the 7:30am Mass which has become our pattern these days since Judah is still taking that 9am nap like a champ.

We are usually not late but because I put a little extra effort into the children's appearance on this Sunday, we were a couple minutes late.  We had to sit on the second row which used to be our custom back before Drew could move around.  They were excellent, in my opinion.  Judah's a little chatty these days, but it was a sweet tiny baby voice that didn't seem to be distracting enough for removal.  I did have to walk him tot he back once to regroup when he started demanding loudly to go outside right at the consecration.  Otherwise, I couldn't have asked for better behavior.  I even heard the homily.  Gasp.

Don't know why Drew felt the need to touch Judah's head.  Weirdo!

Easter baskets consisted of a book, some candy, chocolate for the big kids and a wagon with beach toys for Judah since he can't have Easter chocolate.  I have a case if the allergy kid guilt, so I bought him a wagon.  Don't judge.

We took more pictures at home before they all rushed to change clothes.

Loving the sticks these days.  Not so much the picture posing.

We had breakfast at a neighbor's house and I worked on my lamb cake and some side dishes for dinner.  Brian smoked some meat in his newish electric smoker.  We had some family friends over for dinner and cake.

I made the cake dairy free by just substituting the cup of milk for coconut milk, but the fluffiness of the cake severely suffered for it.  It was cute though.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Egg Hunts

We had two Easter egg hunts this year.  One was a free public one on Saturday afternoon, and the other was in our backyard, but was hosted and put on by a neighbor of ours on Sunday evening.

Saturday afternoon, I did a bad job on  picture taking since there were age brackets for the hunt, and Brian and I had to split up.  I still had to wait in two lines because Drew and Judah were in different brackets too.  I had my hands full and had a hard time taking pictures and keeping up with them in the crowds, so this is all I got.

Sunday evening in our backyard, we had three families involved.   I went through the resurrection eggs with the kids while the dads hid the eggs.  

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Egg Dying

Happy Easter!  Our Easter began at about 9:30am on Saturday morning, a little early, by dying eggs when Judah went down for his morning nap.  I had hard boiled 24 eggs so that they each got 6 to decorate.

Unlike with the gingerbread houses, I always enjoy this tradition.  It was so much calmer than in years past since all but Drew can take care of their own eggs.  Drew only cracked one this year, but he didn't really want to get his hands dirty and participate much.  I helped him quite a bit.

Drew and I tried dying a brown egg green and it turned out camouflaged.

Friday, March 27, 2015

19 months and counting

Judah is now over 19 months, but he got his 18 month check up a little late, and it reminded me to do a little update on him.

He was 33 1/2 in. and 25.13 lbs.  His head circumference was 21 in.  He was good for the doctor, but didn't like when they tried to get his pulse/ox on his toe.  He cried for just a moment when he was given the four vaccines, but then he was done and happy to eat his lollipop.

Judah's schedule is still the same.

Wake at 6:45am (usually already awake and playing quietly in his crib when I go get him)
Nap 9-11am (occasionally will not sleep, but play the whole time nicely in his crib)
Nap 2-4pm
Bed time at 7:30pm

In the shower

Judah is a good eater most of the time, so I don't worry if he won't eat much for dinner on occasion.  He eats a good amount of vegetables and fruit.

Unique things about Judah at this age...

He loves to hug babies or anyone around his size that he deems a baby even if they are strangers on the playground.  And not just one hug either!  He hugs them until they are telling their mommy that "the baby won't stop hugging them."  It is adorable and funny to watch!  He's going to be such a loving big brother.

He's very particular.  When it's time for mommy cuddles while I pray and sing with him before bed, he needs to lay his head on my chest, but he only likes his face to touch skin, not my clothes, and he always demands that I move my hair and necklace out of the way for him.  Judah is a big fit thrower too when he doesn't get what he wants.  We saw that with wanting to go outside when he couldn't or having to to come inside.  It extends much further now, to  everything from not wanting to wait for his food to come out of the microwave, to not wanting a banana cut a certain way, to not wanting to be buckled in his car seat or high chair.  It's getting ridiculous.  I don't give in to him almost ever, but his fits never seem to end.  they go on and on and on sometimes, unless we can distract him before he gets too worked up.

He loves baths, animals, books, hugs and playing outside!  His favorite song was Twinkle Twinkle, but is now My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean.

On Sunday, he got a good boo boo on his face.  Drew picked up a chunk of pavement from the road about the size of my hand and threw it without looking.  It hit Judah right in the corner of his eye.  he's pretty scraped up, but he was mostly okay.  Drew was finished with his outside playtime a little early that day.  Judah loves outside so much that when I brought him in to clean up his face and get a clod pack, he was oscillating crying out "eye" and "outside" until I took him back outside.