Thursday, August 21, 2014

Face painting

We noticed right after this that she had lost an earring in her bed.  :)  She doesn't typically go around with one earring in, but she's a wild sleeper and they come off in bed sometimes.
 The kids got out their face paints and painted each other's face.  Hannah always gets out of having her's painted though since she just likes to paint other peoples' faces.  Genna painted Isaac's and Hannah painted Genna's.  Genna painted Drew's that day too, but we didn't get a picture since he kept rubbing the paint off onto the wall and the couch.  We had to wash it off pretty soon after it went on.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ice Skating Princess

Genevieve,  when given the choice of any sport or summer camp she could dream up, chose ice skating.  I thought it would be too expensive,  but it turned out to be reasonable so we signed her up with a friend that we recruited.   In the end, her friend couldn't go due to an out of town funeral.   She was bummed and begging for me to sign Hannah up, until I reminded her that she would make a friend or five of her very own by the end of the first day.
First Day

 She loved it,  and on the last day, after the performance for the parents, she introduced us all to each of her new friends.   Speaking of the performance,  she got all dolled up for it.  She even borrowed Hannah's snowflake earrings.  She promised me all week I could do her hair in a bun (one of her most hated hairdos because she thinks she looks like she has no hair...ridiculous!) and she let me without a fuss.  She was super cute about the whole thing.  She just has such a loving and cheerful spirit that is so refreshing and fun to watch.  After the show was over, and she had introduced us to her friends, she wanted to show us some more of her moves.  She's got this huge smile and she's skating and tries to lift up one leg or something and falls.  The smile never leaves her face, she just gets right back up and tries some other fancy move.  So cute!

Genna's Final Performance:  She's the crazy one in blue with bare arms.

Drew's watching the performance.

Sisters hugging after it was all over.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hannah's Artistry

Hannah drew this from a how to draw type book on her own.  I love the eyes and the perspective that she used here.  The girls have been doing a Ginger Himes DVD (from Seton) for portrait drawing and I have been doing Drawing with the Right Side of the Brain with them this summer.  Isaac gets frustrated with drawing so I tried a more basic Drawing Textbook with him.  He's still frustrated, but he did really well.  I don't quite know why he gets frustrated since he always does so well.  We're still working on that.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Moving on up to the big boy bed!

The bunk beds have been there waiting for a while, but he just wan't quite ready.  Drew has been potty trained during the day for a long time, since December.  He's nap trained as well, but not night time potty trained.  He's still in pull ups at night.  Anyway, the main reason I waited to move him is his obedience level has not been up to my standards.  He never questioned bedtime or the crib because he's a good sleeper, but other areas of obedience were not going well.  He'd do well for a week and I'd think he was ready only to be surprised again with a week full of time outs and discipline for not obeying us.  We have a trip coming up where he will need to sleep in a big bed so I thought I better take the plunge now.  Plus, he seems to have made a big jump in connecting consequences with his actions.  If I just remind him when he starts to disobey that he will be disobeying if he chooses to do that, many times he'll say, "Oh. nevamind.  I not do dat.  I dange my mind."

He's done great so far in the bed, only having one night where he drank too much before bed and needed to go potty three times after he went to bed.  His rule is that an adult or big sister or brother have to give him permission to get out of bed.  

His bed is right next to the bookshelves and I really expected to find the bookshelf emptied every morning.  I have been surprised that he has just looked at his two books that I give him after his bed time routine to look through and get sleepy.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Three Superheroes in One

Drew said, "Look Mommy!  Mine head is Batman, mine tummy is Hawkeye, and mine butt is Superman."

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Messy Cooks

The girls are getting pretty good at making zucchini bread, but, oh boy, are they messy!

I can't really say anything though since I'm kinda messy in the kitchen too.

Please, pretend not to notice that my girls are always in pajamas!  They have pretty much been in pjs or bathing suites all summer.  Laundry has bee drastically reduced so I allowed it, but it is going to have to stop.  I can't take it anymore.  I think I'll make them earn pajama days during the school year.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Genevieve, I haven't said much about her lately.

My non-competitive child.  She comes home from bowling for the first time since she was little bitty in Germany.  Hannah relays everyone's scores to me from her group.  When I ask what Genna's score was, Genna replies, "It was a competition?"

Another example is when I picked them up from their first day of golf camp last week.  Hannah again tells me everyone's scores from a course that had been set up for them, including her sister's this time.  I say, "Wow, Genna did better than you, Hannah?"  She shrugs her shoulders and says, "Yeah."  Genna chimes in and says, "Yeah, and I even had eleven strokes on one hole!"  Waaaaiiiiiit a minute.   I ask to see the score cards.  Hannah tells me there were 18 holes and they had to keep score themselves.  Hannah had filled out 17 holes, and Genna had recorded a mere 12.  Ha!  No wonder she had a better score than her sister even with eleven strokes on one hole!

When I was photographing Genevieve being silly, Drew Wolverine photo bombed her.  You can almost hear the sound of his claws coming out.