Saturday, January 24, 2015

The new basement is virtually complete!

 Brian did a great job!
I love it!

A couple missing cabinet doors, but everything else is pretty much done.
Time to sew!  If I could just stop giving in to the afternoon nap.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Judah's Headboard

We have been working on this since this guy was born.  It's been a project of many steps for both Brian and I.  I did the lettering, and he did the hard part, all the woodwork.  We used the boards from the old play house that he tore down to make the new one.

Turned out great even if it ended up a little big for this room.  Judah's going to be kicked out of the nursery before long anyway.

Friday, January 16, 2015

A Mother's Dread

Stomach bugs!  It is especially awful for a mother of many since it slowly works it's way through all the children, doubles the laundry, makes you afraid to leave the house or have anyone over lest you pass on the dreaded disease.  It is especially awful for pregnant moms because, well, it's disgusting to clean up after, it increases the already present nausea, and it takes away your sleep.

That sounds bad, right?  Truthfully, this time it just wasn't quite so bad.  Last time I was pregnant (2 years ago) we had a stomach bug that knocked us down for a month.  It was long, almost leaving Genna unable to stay hydrated in the midst of it.  This time, it was quick.  The kids threw up what was in their stomach (that took one to three pukes depending on the kid) and then were done.  The best part was that no one soiled my carpet this time!  Beds were another story, but they are easier to clean than carpets.

Judah started this and even fooled me into believing it wasn't a bug.  He didn't have fever and it was just twice in a row.  He seemed fine after that.  Three day later, Isaac gets sick.  He did have a fever, but only for a couple of hours.  The next day Drew got sick.  Then nothing...for a whole week, when Hannah gets sick.  Well, I shouldn't say nothing because we got a different bug during that week, but that's another story.  Genna has still been okay.  I'm saying lots of prayers that we are better now.

I blame this whole thing on Chuck E. Cheese.  Three days after I weaned Judah totally we had a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, house of germs, in the middle of flu season.  I woke up that morning thinking, "Oh no, what am I thinking?"  Of course, you can't hide from germs all winter unless you are okay with having only 5 little people to talk to all. winter. long.  Three days later.  Bam!

"Yes, it was me who ate my grape after it fell on the ground at Chuck E. Cheese.  Yes, I may have licked a ski-ball too.  Hey, don't knock it till you've tried it."

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Our Snowy Day

We had around 5 inches of snow, I think.  We got our school work done and went out right before lunch for a little over an hour.  The snow's still on the ground, but it is now way too cold to go out, plus we've been sick.  It was 4 degrees when we woke up yesterday. This was Judah's first time to go out in the snow and play ever.  I usually send Brian and stay in with him, but with his love for outdoors I figured it was time to take the plunge and go out with him.   I did not feel up to going in the snow myself since my nausea has not gone away yet.  The sacrifices we make for our cuties!

Judah did a lot of standing and tasting snow until we got the sleds out and his sisters pulled him around.

This was Isaac before his dad got home in the afternoon and took them to a sledding hill where he colored the snow with some puke.  And the stomach bug hit.  :)

So then it was time to come inside because poor Judah's hands were getting too red and cold.  And the real fun started...the "I don't want to come back in this house ever!" fit began...

He rolled over when he saw I was taking pictures of him.  :)

...and carried on for at least fifteen minutes once I wrestled his snowsuit off him and plopped him in the middle of the kitchen floor while I got his chicken noodle soup ready for lunch.  Pitiful!!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Drew Update

We had an Advent Angel in our neighborhood who would leave secret gifts on our porch all Advent.  There were seven families who drew names and everyone was an Advent Angel to someone else.  The first gift that was left on our doorstep was in a bag.  Drew jumped out the door, picked it up, and before I could say anything, he tossed it into the house.  You guessed it.  It was breakable.  I heard the crack and reached into the bag to find a snow globe of the Holy Family totally busted open.  So sad, but a good lesson not to throw bags when you don't know what is inside them.

Drew covered his own arms in stickers.
One day after Drew disappeared to go potty, I realized he never came back.  We were doing school work and I just didn't notice how much time had passed.  I went to check on him to find him playing in the sink with hand soap bubbles and a couple toys.  He had plugged up the sink, so I explained that it could overflow if he kept the water on and that the water has to stay in the sink.  I figured it kept him happy and quiet, what's the harm if he knows the rules, right?  I had let other kids play in the kitchen sink before.   The next day the same thing happens, only before I could realize he had disappeared again, he runs out of the bathroom and we could hear the water was on full blast.  I sent one of the girls in to quickly turn off the water, only for them to discover that the sink was plugged up and overflowing at a high speed.  I ran to the basement to get our clean up towels and discovered a dripping sound in the shower while I was down there.  Yes, the water was leaking through the ceiling into the bathroom below!  Are you kidding me?  Do you remember when Brian caught the boys in the bath with water covering the floor?  Well, that was the second floor bathroom leaking into the first floor bathroom.  That still hasn't been fixed and we have all been exclusively using the shower in my room for almost a year.  So now the first floor bathroom is leaking into the basement bathroom too.  Lots of plumbing projects to work on now that the basement is complete.  Pictures to come soon, when we get it all cleaned up and camera ready.

You may also know that Drew is taking soccer this winter.  He improved in the fall and I thought we'd give it another try to see if he enjoyed it more since Isaac wanted to do indoor soccer and the practices were at the same time.  Well, he loves the first part of the practice, where they run and have races, but he doesn't like the part where they use the ball.  The first and second practices he would randomly run off the field and tell me he was done.  Usually, I could get him to go back and give it another try.  One day he ran off the field in the middle of the practice (I thought because he was discouraged about the game or something, but he runs straight into my lap and gives me a kiss, then ran right back out to play.  I don't think we'll be continuing soccer for him in the spring.

We gave him hot cocoa to keep him quiet one night during family prayers.  

Drew is going to be evaluated for his speech in January.  I had been giving him time to be normal and struggle with speech longer than the other children did.  I have even gotten used to his mispronunciations.  G and J sounds are D's.  K sounds are T's, Most blends are hard for him which I am less concerned about because that is more in the normal range.  The thing that brought my attention to it recently is that it is now frustrating him when people can't understand him.  He'll stay, "I tan't say it wight, Mom."  The other day he asked me what his name is in the middle of co-op.  I said, "Why are you asking me that?  You know your name."  He asks again in a different way, "What do you call me?"  I told him we call him Drew or Andrew.  He replies, "I told him that!"  Turns out another boy was asking his name, and he could not understand his answer.  I decided that it wouldn't hurt to have him evaluated just in case some early intervention is necessary.

Drew comes outside wearing the safety goggles that came with Hannah's rock kit.

Drew is reading books out of our Advent basket.

That's a pretzel stick in his mouth, not a cigarette, I swear!

Brothers are reading books under my teacher's desk together.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Why We Started Veiling

So a couple weeks before Advent started we received our veils in the mail from Veils by Lily.  Obviously, the journey to veiling begun a while before that.  A friend of mine sent me and some of our friends a video via email about veiling and asked what we thought.  After watching the video, my response was, "Let's all start doing this together for Advent!"  Most of us go to different parishes, but the solidarity of knowing others are doing something bold and a little bit intimidating at first along with you certainly helps.

When I first converted to Catholicism, I knew nothing of chapel veils.  I did, however, feel like I needed something to help me focus in prayer.  I found a pattern for a prayer shawl that can be pulled over your head when you pray.  I was very drawn to the idea, but never got around to doing it.  I have seen ladies here and there wear a veil in Mass, but really never gave it much thought or did any research as to why they chose to wear it.  This video shed a whole new light on veiling for me.  It really touched my heart.  Reverence and focus is exactly what is called for in the presence of Jesus.  If the chapel veil helps me to attain that, how can I deny it's need in my life?

The only reason I could think of for not veiling is that it would draw attention to me that I didn't want or make people think I think myself holier than they.  Those are both silly reasons.  To address those issues in reverse, I most certainly do not think myself holier than anyone.  So that one just isn't true.  As for the other reason, I already have attention drawn to me at Mass because of our larger than normal family size.  If it truly does draw extra attention to myself, I hope that it is like an arrow pointing people to the One who is deserving of all our attention at Mass.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ringing in 2015

We rung in the New Year all snug in our beds this year.  Before turning in, Brian cooked wings and I made a salad and some home-made applesauce.  The kids all loved the dinner.  Then we went outside in the back yard for some closely supervised sparklers.  Judah, being obsessed with going outside right now, couldn't be tricked into missing it.  He was not allowed to be near the sparklers or the chiminea though.  I had to follow him around very closely.  As you can see, it was super cold.

After that I had to tear the clothes from Judah's body as he screamed and tried to hold onto them for dear life so that I could put him to bed.  Drew went to bed next, and then the girls, Brian, and I taught Isaac to play Canasta.  Our rule is you have to be able to add numbers in the hundreds if you are going to play that game, and he has graduated to adding big numbers this semester.  The kids were sent to bed at about 10pm, and Brian and I spent some time together before falling asleep before midnight.  I was awoken briefly by some fireworks at midnight.  That was it for us this year!