Tuesday, July 22, 2014


This was my childrens' first experience ever with paintball.  It was for ages 5-9 and so everybody, but Drew and Judah could do it.  Well, not Daddy either! When Drew heard the kids talking about it, his first response was, "I want to do it!"  I told him I'd bring something special for him and he very enthusiastically, says, "Okay!  I do dat!"  I brought him a Ninja Turtle ball, cheese curls, and a bag of Swedish Fish.  He was happy with that.

Isaac's the second from the left.  Hannah is second from the right with Genna next to her.

It wasn't easy to talk these girls into wearing jeans in the summer either, but they forgot all about that when we got there and met up with our friends, starring the birthday boy.  They were much cleaner than I expected when they came back.  I sat with Drew and Judah in the shade and fed them non-stop while Brian was on spectator status for the hour of fun.  Judah was a champ, playing a game of "try to pick up the flies that keep landing on me and my stroller," and never even had to come out of the stroller.  Good thing because I can guarantee a paintball would have made it into his mouth.  They were everywhere.

The aftermath

I had actually never been to a paintball place before and was tickled by how many grown men get serious and entrenched in the paintball scene.  I nearly jumped out of my flip flops when I was buckling Judah into his stroller and a game started with all the loud gun shots.  I've never been one to handle sudden, loud noises well, right, Mom?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Judah at 11 months old (Sniff. Sniff.)

Hannah was taking these pictures while I was driving.  He was falling asleep and she was trying to keep him awake by tickling him.

Why do they have to grow up?!!!!!  Soon he won't be a baby anymore.   The first year goes by so fast,  as does it all, I suppose.

Couldn't make it home from the pool, but he was so tired that I was able to carry his sleepy self in and put him to bed.

Judah is starting to express his frustrations when he doesn't get what he wants.  If Drew moves to higher ground to protect his superhero set up, Judah gets really mad and grabs onto Drew's leg and squeezes while he simultaneously turns red and screams.   Fun's over, Mom.

He is talking more and really trying to copy sounds.  His full vocabulary list.

Hannah (only said it once when reaching for her, but it sounds the same as banana, "nana")
All done (does sign too.)
Night night

I think he may be saying "hello"  and "thank you" too, but I'm not sure yet.

He waves a lot, but refuses to clap.   He is still walking along furniture and has tried to walk from one piece of furniture to another, but gave up when he realized it was easier to crawl there.   He can climb up on Drew's little red chair and his big boy bed.  Bad things since the red chair is not sturdy and slides.  From Drew's bed he likes to dive head first off  the bed while giggling since the first time he did it I caught him just in time to help him finish a somersault onto the ground.  That was so fun, I guess, that he now anticipates the fun every time.  I have since been catching him in time to turn him around and show him how to get down feet first.

He has finally moved to more regular crawling than the super speed Army crawling.

Judah loves to play in Drew's crib with him after they wake up from afternoon nap.
He gets so visibly excited and squeally when he sees his brothers or sisters play or come up to him.  His siblings get the biggest smiles, probably even more than I get.

Isaac's always asking if he can get in with them, but this old creaky crib couldn't take the weight for sure.

I am working on moving that dream feed up to before bedtime gradually.  He doesn't need it.  Honestly, it was more for my convenience than for him, but he really is too old for it.  I am going to continue to nurse him four times a day as long as I can or until I figure out this dairy allergy/sensitivity thing.  He is still reacting on his face when I give him any dairy.  Without thinking I bought him the fruit and cream oatmeal, and it took me three days to figure out why the rash around his mouth was getting worse and worse.

Judah is getting to be more and more of a handful in Mass.  He is wiggly and chatty.  He stays in the sling on me pretty well, except when I sit down and he tries to climb up over me to reach the hymnals on the back of my pew seat.  He is rarely quieted by the pacifier these days, so I have had to step out of Mass a few times to get him quieter.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Our Fourth of July Weekend

Wow!  I just realized I never posted this!  I am soooo behind!  Even my mom was complaining that I've been slacking, and she rarely checks my blog these days.  ;)  Our computer completely died again.  So I've been waiting on the new one, and now I have to  learn this new operating system.

We traveled south to Virginia to visit some friends for the Fourth of July.  It was a great weekend that ended in a tearful goodbye.
On our way to their neighborhood pool.  My godson is missing from this picture.

The dynamic duo were taking a snack break together.  Drew and his buddy are about 6 months apart and this trip is the first time they really played well together.  So well, in fact, that the tearful goodbye was mostly from these two.

Judah sat out with me a lot, but he went in for a little bit with Daddy.  I was still not allowed to swim due my vein procedure.

I had to sneak this photo from above where they couldn't see me or Judah would have wanted out.  This is my godson and Judah.  This was a good set up for them because if they can actually reach each other, they were squeezing and banging on each other.  Probably more my son squeezing and banging on him, to be completely honest.  Nobody calls him Gentle Judah around here.  He's rough.

They loved having their dinner together!

A friendly game of corn hole:  Team one

Team two

All the kids together

My buddy!  Until his new-found friendship with Drew, I was his favorite person.  He calls our family "the Mrs. Smiths."  I made him a paper plate Captain America shield, but I never did get around to getting a photo of him with it.

With my godson:  I made him that shirt before he was born.  

Another day at the pool

Cool dudes with juice boxes, right?
After Sunday Mass

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I got-for to mention one thing.

Well, if you are one of my few dedicated blog readers, you may have noticed that I have been doing a pitiful job lately of keeping up with it.  No, I have not turned into a once a month blogger, but still!  I used to post at least every other day.  Anyway, I blame it on blog lovin' which is a blog roll where I get a daily email with all my favorite bloggers' newest posts.  So hard to not read them!  All!  I also blame it on homeschooling, Drew, the other 4 kids, and having to do crazy things like cook every day and do laundry, take kids to all activities (Hello, swim practice!  4 days a week!)...  Yeah, yeah, yeah, you get the point.  I'll stop making excuses and get on with the post.

Anyway, I was remiss not to mention that last Monday, June 30th, I had a minor vein surgery on my left leg.  I went back and forth about whether or not to do it partly due to breastfeeding.  A friend encouraged me to go ahead with it, knowing that my chubby baby boy would not starve even if he refused the bottle for the 24 hours.  So I took the plunge and expressed my concerns about breastfeeding to my doctor at the pre-op appointment.  First he tells me to ask my OBGYN if it is okay for me to have anesthesia.  When they sent me back to him to find out exactly what kind of drug, he does a 180 and says, "Eeh, we'll just do local anesthesia and you'll be fine."  That made me a little nervous that he was so casual about changing the plan completely.  And you know, I'd be the one on the table without IV anesthesia during the whole process of stab oblation.  the word "stab" didn't make me feel any better.  I wasn't really nervous, but a little bit apprehensive due to the flippant nature of the doctor and that word "stab."  Turned out super fine!  The shots to deaden my leg were the worst part, around 7 bee stings, and then all I felt was weird tugging.  I listened to a book on CD with head phones and tried to pretend I was on a luxury vacation which I kind of was.  I did get to lay down and listen to my book with no interruptions.  We got to the hospital around 11:30am and I walked out at 3:45pm, I think.  I am banished from the pool for a full two weeks and have to wear the blasted hot compression hose I am so familiar with. But I think God that someone had the decency and mercy to invent toe-less compression hose!  I love flip flops!  My leg has about 15 incisions down the back and I look a little like Frankenstein, but I am older and wiser than I once was, and I just don't care as long as this takes away the pain.  Besides the bruising and scars will fade.
Drew and Judah in the Home Depot cart

Oh, and the reason I said "got-for" in the subject line of this post is that Drew got his words mixed up and said that in place of "forgot" the other day.  I remember that is one of the stories my mom always tells about my sister when she was little.

Friday, July 4, 2014

The Adventures of Judah at 10.5 Months

He hates his walker, but he tolerates it outside a little longer for some reason.

I am so thankful for this precious boy!  He is such a joy!  If I could keep him from trying to eat everything in sight, regardless of it's edibility, he would be near to perfect right now.  And that's with him getting his top front four teeth all this week!  Technically, only three have come through (the front left and the two teeth on either side of the front two), but the last one (front right) is almost there.

He's been a real trooper at the pool 4 days a week!  He has his lunch on the sidelines while his big brothers and sisters swim their hearts out.  He likes the water too.

He's eating more finger foods than spoon foods, but it's a messy business.  I'm keeping a few baby foods around for when we don't have anything he can eat.   This dairy sensitivity is really no fun.  I love cheese and cream in my foods.  Other than dairy, he hasn't rejected any other foods I have offered him.
A nose picker already.

I took just Judah with me to a homeschooling conference and met my godson and his mommy and sister there.  Here is the awesome picture I got of the two of them while we were listening to a talk.  I'll do better next time!

Judah wakes up about 6:30am to start the day and goes to bed at 7:15-7:30pm for the night.  For naps, he usually will take two 1.5-2 hour naps, at about 9am and 1:30pm.  He's great at playing in his bed when he wakes up.  He plays with his pacifiers until he eventually throws them all out of the pack-n-play.  Yes, he's still in the pack-n-play because Drew is still not quite ready to move to a big bed.  Soon!  When we get back from all our trips, I am going to take the plunge!

Judah's a real explorer.  He loves these drawers.  He gets an arm or finger smashed in them almost daily.
We've had a couple of near misses with him and choking on small things.  I thought the pack-n-play was the answer, but I found he isn't even safe in there when I came to get him out and he was sitting on a million tiny pieces of broken sand dollars.  Drew had stolen the girls' collection of sand dollars and gave them to Judah.  His guardian angel was really watching him since he puts everything in his mouth, but somehow didn't put any of the sand dollar pieces in his mouth.  He had just sat on them and crushed them.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sewing for Babies

I have two second cousins that are due within weeks of each other.  They are sisters, and one is having a boy and one a girl.  I had to mail in my gifts since I couldn't make the shower.  First I found out their color scheme and names for the babies.  Then I made them these things in the evenings when Brian was out of town.

A burp cloth, onesie, and a toy for each.  The name is one the car, but you can't see it here.