Sunday, March 1, 2015

The snow's here to stay for a while.

It looks like the snow isn't going anywhere.  It has snowed three times and never been warm enough for long enough to melt much of the snow so it's piling up in some places.  Our backyard is worse because it hasn't been played in a million times.  This was after Mass last Sunday, and the snow is still covering the ground in mounds.  I forced the girls to let me do their hair my way (Yes, there were tears...ridiculous!) and I wanted a picture.  Unfortunately, it was a little bright to get them to all have their eyes open.  The temperature was up to 37 and nobody needed their coat.  When you are used to under 25 degrees, 37 degrees with no wind and lots of sun feels like spring.

He ate some snow.  After church while we were standing outside and talking, Judah was off sneaking licks of the snow all around the ramp.  It was killing the older ladies!

This was a school day when he wanted to sit on the back deck and play in the snow with spoons and cups while we did school.  That day was particularly windy and still not above 20 degrees, so he didn't last long.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Bookworms

It's always fun to find your kids cuddled up together reading.  I can't decide which picture is my favorite of the next two.

I love Judah's pose and expression here...

but I love how they are all so intent on the book here.

Drew took so long to enjoy books and pick one up on his own.  I'm glad that is the exception in this family and not the rule.  Judah loves those books...

Thursday, February 26, 2015

I don't think you're ready for this yet.

It's another boy!  

If you've lost count, that is two girls and four boys to make our fabulous eight.  I promised I'd reveal the name today as well.  If he had been a girl it would have been Josephine Cecilia, but he's a boy.  So it is going to be Robert Cecil.  We plan to call him Bob or Bobby from the get go.  It is a good fit for Brian and I because it is an ordinary name which Brian likes, but an unusual name in my generation and the next generation which I like.  The thing I always disliked about my own name was not the name itself, but the commonality of it.  I was always one of at least three Kelle's (granted, it was never spelled that way) in any group or school I ever went to.  I had to have something extra tacked onto my name to distinguish me from all the other Kelle's.

Back to Robert Cecil, Robert is after St, Robert Bellermine who played a major role in the Counter-Reformation.  If you don't know about him or the Counter-Reformation, you should read about it.  Beware though, it might turn you Catholic if you're not already.  ;)  Just kidding!

Cecil is after my dear grandfather who was an architect and died when I was in 6th grade.  His name was Cecil Miller and he went by C.M. I am told because he didn't like his own name.  So, all these boys and I have been hesitant to use his name because of that.  I love the name, but it doesn't sound super awesome with Smith after it, so I was not going to use it as a first name for that reason.  But this time I was determined to include it no matter the gender of my baby.  (Cecilia for a girl though.)  I have so many wonderful memories of my grandfather sitting patiently with me at his dining room table teaching me to draw dog houses and train tracks using perspective.  He had a huge influence on me that I will never forget, and I am so glad to be able to use his name for my son.

The snow almost foiled my ultrasound appointment, but thankfully it was at 11am and all appointments after 10am were kept.   The kids stayed with our friends and neighbors and all their kids since it was a snow day for the public schools today.  My girls made it clear that I was to bring home something pink or blue to reveal the gender like I did the last two times.  I stopped int he hospital gift shop and picked up rubber bracelets for them.  The girls' bracelets said, "It's a boy!" and the boys' bracelets said, "I'm a big brother!"  They were all blue!  When I pulled them out of my pocket, Hannah almost cried (and would have had we been at home and not in front of her friends.  The girls were disappointed to say the least.  They've been praying hard for a girl.  Genna said she was working on getting over it.  Hannah's still moping.  The boys didn't mind, but it's going to be a full room if ever they all have to share.  As for Brian and I, we were hoping for a girl, but really who can complain about any healthy bundle of joy?  I am so very blessed to have so many to love.  Having lots of kids is good for the heart.  It just keeps getting bigger.  I wouldn't change a thing.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Our Gummy Bear

Gummy bear, A.K.A. my unborn child, started kicking on my birthday, February 3rd.  He or she has been moving ever since.  My ultrasound is scheduled for next Thursday.  Keep an eye out for the big gender reveal.  Everyone would prefer a girl, except for Drew who decided it would be awesome to have three brothers share his room.

However, Brian and I are better prepared this time and have a name ready for either a boy or a girl.  Shocker, I know!  We stumbled upon the boy name since my husband really likes to put off the whole name talk.  I enjoy it, as do most normal people.  :)  No, I'm no going to post what those names are just yet.  Let's wait until next week and I'll tell both names.

A girl would be a nice change of pace around here.  I'd get to dress someone up again since my girls are long past letting me do it willingly.  A boy though would slide right in with little preparation needed.  We have tons a boy clothes, whereas I got rid of a lot of the girl stuff and only kept my favorites.  The noise and the dirt may just overwhelm me though.  :)

Anyway, prayers for next Thursday are much appreciated because a healthy baby of any gender is what we truly desire!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Danger Zone

Isaac was the worst about getting into the dog water bowl when he was a baby, but otherwise he didn't get into too much trouble because he stayed close to me.

Drew was into trying to fall down stairs,  bleach himself, and brake things when he was a baby.  I really felt like I could barely turn around without him getting into trouble.

Judah's thing is playing in the toilet and stealing knives.  He's been caught playing in the toilet about 5 times and he's stolen a sharp knife off the counter or out of the cooler (I brought it to cut up his avocado.) approximately 3 times.  Instead of getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he's getting caught with his hand in the toilet.  Thankfully, he hasn't been hurt by the knives.  His guardian angel is on top of things.  We try to keep doors closed, but with so many people someone is bound to forget sometime.  I definitely have been underestimating how high he can reach on the counter though and need to push my knives back.

And just for fun, some older pictures of Judah (pre-haircut) that were on my phone...

Another book lover!  Yay!

He loves Elmo, and he calls all Sesame Street characters Elmo.

This is from when he was really sick with bronchitis.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Our Lent in Links

For Lent this year, I was a little behind as usual.  That translates into the books we are going to go through as a family are not quite here yet.  Even Amazon Prime couldn't save me this time.

First of all, in other places that we have lived there have been really good Stations of the Cross at the churches we've been near with the occasional week directed at the kids which was always fun and always soup dinners afterwards.  Here they do not have any that are at a good time or good for kids, and no soup dinners.  This year I want to do it here at home.  I'm not sure exactly how this will play out, if we'll invite neighbors or have soup or what.  What I do know is that I ordered a new kids book of the Stations and there is an app for the Stations if we want to mix it up a bit.  Plus, I ordered some 8 x 10 inch pictures of the Stations that we can shine a flashlight on when we say them.

I also ordered a book called My Path to Heaven to go through this Lent with the kids.  I am looking forward to trying this one out.

Finally, Brian wants to say the Rosary every day, so I got this to help revive the children in their Rosary.  It is called Pearls of Peace: A Rosary Journey through the Holy Land and I am hopeful it will help someone at least to focus on the mysteries.

We've given up dessert as a family as usual.  I am hoping to make time for adoration alone.  Brian and I are going to finally start reading The Great Divorce together and sacrifice some late night TV time for it.  Hannah is trying not to pester her siblings and trying to go last more often.  Genna is giving up playing in her bed at night when she is supposed to be sleeping and pestering as well.  Isaac is sticking with the family dessert sacrifice.

So, that's our simple Lent this year.  Here's hoping for holiness!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Slew of Drew on Ash Wednesday

Drew is actually learning things!  I am so excited I can hardly stand it.  He is doing preschool workbooks where you circle same or different or you match things that belong.  He loves to do them.  Plus, he is really trying to learn his letters and numbers now.  He knows A,B,C,D,I, J, K, L, O R, S,W, X, Z in capitols, and he knows many of their sounds.  He is very tactile and likes to trace the letters with his fingers while he is thinking which letter it is.  His second speech evaluation went well and we are waiting on the results of his test and the recommendations of the county for that.

So I've been feeling bad about something.  I've said many times (not to him, obviously) that Drew is not a "sweet" boy.  It's not one of the first words I would have used to describe him, but that's not fair to label him that way.  I have caught myself lately saying, "You're so sweet," to him a lot.  I think he is actually learning to be sweet.  He is so sweet with his younger brother, telling him, "I forgive you," the moment Judah hits him before I can even get him to apologize.  (Yes, Judah hits now.  The fun's over, but he doesn't bite.  Yay!)

Hannah was blowing bubbles in the hallway for the boys.  They loved it!

Drew was having a hard time waking up from his nap and got mad when Judah came and wedged himself in between us.

These two have been starting to play together more.  That will be so helpful during homeschooling to have them have a playmate.

Today he asked me, "What's the dospel?"  (translation= gospel) after he received his ashes.  He is very curious and always asking about what things are.