Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Last Vacation Before Bobby Arrives

Two weeks ago, we went to stay with some friends again.  This time it was for almost a whole week.  What crazy friends we have that would invite us for a whole week! I was blessed enough to spend most of the time with my feet up and in the ever so pregnant woman-friendly, gravity-defying place called the pool.  The only thing we did that was not restful was go to the zoo.  It was a hot, hot day and I got a lot of sympathetic comments from other women and some outright shock that I would even be there at all.  Believe it or not, it was my idea to go.  I have a history of going to the zoo when I am very pregnant for some reason.  I think it is because I'd rather tough out the heat and discomfort of a pregnant belly at the zoo than disrupt naps of an infant.  Priorities!  And I have really only had one of those two options for most of the last ten years.

All the kids, but the toddlers in strollers

Judah loves animals so much and I thought he needed a zoo trip before leaving the country.  He had some sleep troubles start on this trip, but they started small enough, mainly shorter afternoon naps, despite how much we tried to wear him out at the pool and zoo, and waking up crazy early in the morning.  More on that later.

My handsome godson and Judah's stroller buddy!

Our drive home was insane!  A 3.5 hour drive turned into a 5 hour drive where I miss my exit and end up in DC in a flash flood after sitting in traffic forever on 95.  I kept apologizing to the kids for missing the exit because they were hungry and I had just told them we were almost home.  They kept telling me it was okay and were super sweet about the whole thing.  Even Judah handled the longer drive well and he's not our best traveler ever.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Piano Recital: Part 2

A few pre-recital photos and the YouTube videos of their actual playing at the bottom.  

They got complimented on their hair by the teacher in front of the whole audience.  Hannah cried about it before we left the house.  She hates when I do her hair now.

Isaac's Recital Video

Genevieve's Recital Video

Hannah's Recital Video

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Piano Recital

 The three big kids had their piano recital this morning.  It was Isaac's first one, and he was nervous.  Hannah was not as nervous because she played these songs in the National Guild already.  Genevieve was "so excited" in her own words and not nervous.  They all did such a great job that it made my heart so happy!  Their songs were beautiful.  The little guys even cooperated during the recital and allowed mom and dad to actually watch the recital.

Judah was leaning on my belly, eating his snacks.

Drew set a world record for the longest time he has ever colored quietly in his life.  When I ask him to hold the marker the right way, he tells me that he wants to do it his own way.  He's going to be a fun one to teach!


Apparently, Hannah has my "mad" standing face.  We're not mad, people!  We are in deep thought and smiling takes so much energy.

Hannah's Guild certificate was presented to her.

Group Picture

More pictures and videos to come!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Oh Brother!

 On the weekends, the boys have been having some good quality dad time since his work is making weekdays impossible right now.  Here they are having a good old game of catch in the street with dad.

Then they spent some good time by the fire pit burning extra brush around the yard.  Isaac got a souvenir from these adventures called a tick on his face.  It gets better though.  I get the Mother of the Year award for thinking it was a speck of dirt and not making sure he actually washed up before bed.  So the tick got to hang on to his cheek for the whole night until Genna finally asked what was on his face.  It was a tiny little guy and came off easily despite getting a full night to embed his head into my son.  I think this is just easing me into being the mother of four boys.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

German School Report Cards (and a big announcement at the bottom of the post!)

The kids all got their report cards for German school a couple of weeks ago.  Brian read Isaac's first and told me I should read it.  It was apparently really flattering.  I was reading it with Isaac standing over my shoulder smiling, and when I got to the second paragraph he said, "Mom, you're really not going to believe this part."  It said he had good listening skills.  :)  He thought I wouldn't believe it because I seriously ask this boy everyday of his life, "What are those things sticking out of the side of your head?  Are they for decoration?"  He never listens to me, but apparently he listens to everyone else.  His Cub Scouts leader, his t-ball coach, and now his German school teacher.

Turns out all the kids had good reports and it makes a mom feel very good to know her kids are behaving and learning even when she's not standing over them with her "Mrs. Teacher" hat on.

It is especially important that they are improving so much on their German since we found out not too long ago that we are headed back to Germany for Brian's work.  We'll be heading out sometime in the fall, to be determined somewhat by the selling of our house and the newborn baby getting a passport.   Life's about to get way crazier than we thought!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What's up with Bobby?

I have really had trouble with posting regularly and finding time to write the posts as they come to me since Judah was born.  I guess number five knocked me off my blogging horse.  I have barely posted about this pregnancy at all, in fact.  I hope number six doesn't make things worse in the blogosphere for me.  I print my blog every year and save it for my children to enjoy and possibly me one day when I can no longer remember the many cute things the kids did or how busy these years were.  The kids really enjoy reading about their childhood already actually.  So I am going to persevere.

So about this pregnancy...First off, my nausea has been longer lasting than with any other baby.  It still persists on and off even in my 33rd week, although usually not as bad as the first trimester was.  I have craved McDonald's double cheeseburgers and sweet teas.  I normally do not have caffeine during my pregnancy or during the time I am nursing, but I have had a really hard time resisting the sweet teas.  Once or twice a week I sometimes cave in and get one.  I have really not wanted much of anything else.  I did go through a salad phase, but for the most part I am only really craving water.  Being that I am not a good water drinker this is great news for me.  I doubt, however, that is counterbalances the double cheeseburgers.

My glucose tests were normal which is good news that went against all the predictions of the doctors and midwives I have seen.  I'm not diabetic!  I just have big babies, people!

I definitely feel the difference of being pregnant in my late thirties verses all the other times.  I am exhausted all the time.  Bobby moves like crazy.  He rolls around and stretches out all the time.

Today I had another ultrasound that was ordered to check the growth of the baby because I was measuring two weeks ahead.  FYI, in the past I haven't measured bigger at my appointments with the exception of the last pregnancy where I measured one week bigger.  They've never showed concern over the size of my babies other than always thinking I am going to show up diabetic.

At 33 weeks and 2 days, the baby measured 34 weeks and 2 days on the ultrasound.  He is about 5 lbs now according to their calculations based on his femur and head size.  I don't know what to think about this.  All my boys are big and late.  So we will have to see what they say when I go in for my next appointment.

There has been some debate about Bobby's middle name recently.  Several people have been trying to talk me out of using my grandfather's first name as this guy's middle name.  Brian has been questioning it as well.  I feel really strongly about using it though.  Robert Cecil just seems right to me, but we will see how that plays out.

I have appliqued a onesie for Bobby with scraps.

I just finished his superhero towel with his name on it.  All the boys have superhero towels.  Isaac has Superman, Drew has Captain America, Judah has Batman, and Bobby gets the Flash.

I love it.  It is so bright and new.

I decided to be a little extra creative this time and added wings.  Although I am sure it is not an original idea and has been done before, I've never seen it anywhere.  The idea came to me when I was looking at a picture of the Flash online to draw the template. 

I've gotta give credit to the model, Drew!

I just now added Judah's name to his old Batman towel yesterday.  I hesitated so long because of his whole having two names issue.  I decided to take the plunge since these are so easy to make and they do eventually outgrow them and need new ones.  If he ends up picking Ben as his name one day then I will just make him a new one.

I am about to redo Drew's because his is too small this year and the Velcro hasn't held up.  I am making him a hooded towel and adding Captain America's white wings to the hood.  I am just going to cut this one up and reuse the letters since cutting letters is the most time consuming part of the whole process.

This is not Isaac's Superman towel.  This is the very first hooded towel I made.  I used an "I" from Brian's name on an old tattered towel from his childhood.  I have since learned to make the hoods better and not so huge.  This towel has seen some love in the last 7 years.

I have started Bobby's stocking, and it is well underway.  I have also begun his quilt.

I've got a few other projects for this little guy, but they are only if I have time.  Those are the main things I want to make for him.  I am not decorating a nursery for him (reason to be revealed soon) which makes the list quite short compared to past babies.  On the other hand, I have a million things not related to the baby to do before he gets here.