Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Oh Brother!

 On the weekends, the boys have been having some good quality dad time since his work is making weekdays impossible right now.  Here they are having a good old game of catch in the street with dad.

Then they spent some good time by the fire pit burning extra brush around the yard.  Isaac got a souvenir from these adventures called a tick on his face.  It gets better though.  I get the Mother of the Year award for thinking it was a speck of dirt and not making sure he actually washed up before bed.  So the tick got to hang on to his cheek for the whole night until Genna finally asked what was on his face.  It was a tiny little guy and came off easily despite getting a full night to embed his head into my son.  I think this is just easing me into being the mother of four boys.

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