Sunday, June 21, 2015

Piano Recital

 The three big kids had their piano recital this morning.  It was Isaac's first one, and he was nervous.  Hannah was not as nervous because she played these songs in the National Guild already.  Genevieve was "so excited" in her own words and not nervous.  They all did such a great job that it made my heart so happy!  Their songs were beautiful.  The little guys even cooperated during the recital and allowed mom and dad to actually watch the recital.

Judah was leaning on my belly, eating his snacks.

Drew set a world record for the longest time he has ever colored quietly in his life.  When I ask him to hold the marker the right way, he tells me that he wants to do it his own way.  He's going to be a fun one to teach!


Apparently, Hannah has my "mad" standing face.  We're not mad, people!  We are in deep thought and smiling takes so much energy.

Hannah's Guild certificate was presented to her.

Group Picture

More pictures and videos to come!

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