Saturday, January 12, 2013

Double the Trouble

Drew just doubled his level of trouble around here.  In nearly one day, he learned how to get the caps off markers which happens to be one of his favorite things to carry around, open the art bin full of markers and crayons, and open the pantry door.  If he figures out the fridge we are in big trouble.  If we leave the pantry door open on accident and Drew walks by and sees all the food, he is suddenly starving and requesting food urgently or he starts bringing things to you.  We even try to open the fridge when he is distracted because the same thing happens there.  He will see the yogurt, strawberries, or the cheese and he needs it suddenly.  I have taken to hiding bananas on top of the fridge because he wants one every time he walks by the kitchen counter and sees them hanging there.  My other kids ate/eat at mealtimes and the occasional snack times, not all day.

Drew was sick yesterday, but seems to be feeling much better today.  He woke up yesterday with a fever and then threw up twice (this seems to be a habit of his when he has a high fever in the morning,) but then he went right back to eating all day.  He did sleep on me on the couch for a couple of hours that morning and cuddled with me most of the day.  He had a couple periods where he was inconsolable, and then would snap out of it and play for a short time happily.  This morning he was fever-free and rearing to go.  He was soooo disappointed that he didn't get to go in the car to take the big kids to German Saturday School.  But he got over it and helped me take down some Christmas decorations and took a morning nap.

About that morning nap, I tried skipping it one day last week and it didn't work out.  I put him down at 11:30am and he slept less than his usual 2 hours.  Then he was asking to go to bed at 4pm.  He was so adamant with signing "bed" and running to the stairs that I gave in and gave him a catnap (meaning I woke him after 45 minutes) to get him through the evening.  I just moved his bedtime back an hour and decided to go back to the regular routine the next day.  He is 16 months tomorrow and still taking two naps a day which is fine with me since it really helps with the homeschooling anyway.  Isaac was pretty old when he dropped that morning nap too.  I think it was just a few months before his 2nd birthday.

I am working on making over the kids' shadowboxes and finishing Drew's.  I was moving right along on that project until Drew fell into one of them propped up next to my bed and shattered the glass.  Now I have to wait until they go on sale again so I can finish up this project and get them on the wall.

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