Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Drew has been getting along better with Isaac lately.
Drew is about 15 1/2 months.  He has not been talking more yet, but he is signing things like, banana (his favorite food,) drink, all done, help, more, please, thank you, dog, bird, horse, bath, and cat.  He also nods his head dramatically when you ask him something and the answer is yes.  He points and grunts a lot too.  I wish he would say a few helpful words, but so far no luck.  At least he is communicating.

Drew is also making a few animal sounds, like for a sheep, monkey, and cow.  He knows all his body parts too.  He is enjoying books more, but his attention span isn't long enough to finish the books sometimes.   

Drew definitely understands directions and follows them the majority of the time.  He only broke one Christmas ornament so far and he pretty much leaves the tree alone now.  I was sure we would have to put up gates, but he has been fine after the initial excitement. 

His top left molar came through and the other three are super puffy.  He was sick over Christmas and has not been himself since.  Lots of crying and whining going on lately, It will be nice when that all passes.  Like I said before, he knows how to communicate, but since being sick and teething he has been choosing not to go to that first.

Although Drew is definitely a handful with all his constant motion and energy, he is still a great sleeper (2 naps 1 1/2-2 hours long,) super tough (I never have to comfort this one,) wonderful in the car, doing much better at Mass, and adorable beyond words (as proven in following picture.)  :)

Wouldn't trade this guy for anything!

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