Thursday, December 25, 2014

Our Best Christmas Gift

We announced through our Christmas card this year that we are expecting another baby!

We found out a little before Thanksgiving and had told a few people already, but I like to hold off a bit on massive announcements of my pregnancy.  I had an early ultrasound this time because I wasn't sure how far along I was since I was still nursing.  Turns out I was only 7 1/2 weeks when I had my first ultrasound according to their measurements.  As I write this post, I am 11 1/2 weeks which is so wonderful because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel of nausea.  The nausea has been worse this pregnancy and I have really struggled with making it through the afternoon and evening some days.  Cooking is very hard when you are exhausted and nauseated.  Most mornings have been tolerable though which has helped me get school work finished with the children.

The baby has been nicknamed Gummy Bear by the children, and he/she is due on July 18th.  Gummy Bear threw a wrench in some of our summer plans, but that's what happens when you make plans around this end up pregnant and due in the middle of them.  That'll teach me to live in the moment if anything will.  Considering Brian's career choice and the timing of our last couple pregnancies, God must really want the message of living day to day by faith drilled into my heart.  I am grateful for such an easy lesson.  For what can be better than a lesson through a newborn bundle of sweetness?  I'll take that with open arms!

I  had one more ultrasound since then at 10 weeks and everything is going well.  They tested me for diabetes (not gestational, but the real deal) again due to my family history and giant babies, but I passed.  Here's a picture of our growing Gummy Bear.


Jennifer said...

So happy for you and your Gummy Bear, Kelle!!

The Pilots Wife said...

That's so exciting!! You may need to upgrade that pew to a full size one. ;) Prayers for a wonderful pregnancy and that Gummy Bear will be healthy and strong.