Monday, May 30, 2016

Drew's First Day of Kindergarten

Before we left for Italy, this happened!

My beautiful boy ready for his first day!
I was supposed to stay with him the first day.  I considered not taking the little boys with me, but since Judah might be able to go to the school too when they have a spot, I thought it would be good for him to see it.  Bobby just stayed in the sling with me.  Drew liked it a lot.  They had a lot of puzzles that are all new to him, and he is in a puzzle phase right now.  He didn't talk to the other kids much, but one time I heard a girl tell him something in German about the play-dough being big or something.  Drew looked at her and just scoffed, "I know!"  First day was only 1 hour, and the next day was two hours and I left him there most of that after I went over paperwork with Frau Grau.

Judah insisted on having a backpack too.
We've been gone a lot this month and June doesn't look much better, so he's been in and out, and I hope that doesn't cause him any trouble.  I know it will make adjusting take longer for sure.  His biggest disappointment has been the music school.  He was looking forward to it the most, but when he actually went and didn't know any of the words to the songs, he was very sad that he "didn't even get to do music!"  Poor guy!  I know it's hard.  However, he made an American friend on the third or fourth day and that has made all the difference.  It may slow down the language learning a bit, but at least he doesn't feel quite so isolated.  

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Mary Kirby said...

Go Drew! I've been missing your Blog posts since you left. I wasn't receiving emails that you had posted. Thought you were taking a break. So many to catch up on!