Friday, May 20, 2016

Italy Part 2: Day of Rest and Genevieve's Birthday

Genevieve had her first soda (Fanta) brought to her in bed.  That's her ten year old privilege that she has been looking forward to for 17.5 months since her sister turned ten.

The second day of our trip was Genevieve's birthday.  What a way to spend your tenth birthday, in Italy!  She's my second daughter to hit the double digits.  What a sweet, sweet angel she is!  Genna is a great mother's helper, a terrific daughter, and an outstanding sister to all.  We love her so much and can't imagine life without her!

We decided to enjoy the resort and have a day off from visiting churches.  We played games, the kids and dads went on a hike while the mom stayed back with the napping babies, the kids tried to swim in the super cold pool, and we grilled and cooked a pretty big dinner.  

The pictures are a bit out of order.

Genna's birthday dessert

Grilled picnic dinner

Pool was freezing, so the dad's threw some of the kids in to toughen them up.  Let's just say it made some of the kids cry.

The dads and older kids hiked up to a waterfall.

There were lots of little anoles around and the dads caught one to tease the kids with.  Hannah really hates reptiles and amphibians.  Brian chased her around with it.  It was quite traumatic for Hannah.

Bobby enjoyed the grass as long as I didn't walk off for my turn at the game.  He's still a clingy guy right now.  He did wonderfully in the car on the long drive and is an all around super traveler.  I'm relishing this phase when there are no temper tantrums.  His 4th tooth came through while in Italy as well.

Before we left for this trip, we gave Genevieve her presents.  Hannah made her a Manga drawing book and a sweet card.  Drew gave her a bookmark he made at story time a few weeks before.  We gave her some DVDs, a new blanket, and a rug for her room.  The DVDs were a couple of TV series from when I was a kid, Punky Brewster and Small Wonder.  Isaac made her a card too.

Thank you, God, for our wonderful girl!  Oh, and I still owe here a slumber party which is another ten year old privilege.

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Mary Kirby said...

Happy Belated Genevieve !