Monday, June 20, 2016

11 Months Old: Bobby Pants

Here we go getting all close to his one year birthday before Mommy is even ready for it.  He seems so young for 11 months since he isn't walking along furniture yet or really even pulling up regularly.  If he does pull up on something he is too scared to get down and does a terrible screechy cry.  He will try, but then he gets shaky and pops back up to call for help.  He is crawling very well on all fours more often than the scoot.

Anyway, he is moving along in some areas, but not as much as I had hoped.  He has learned to say a few new words.  Here are all his words to date.

All done (with sign!)

"All done" has been the biggest deal because he does the sign with it and has done it the most consistently of all the words.

He is playing peek-a-boo by holding something in front of his face and moving it away while I say, "Where is Bobby?"  "Peek-a-boo!  There he is."

This is a very special picture.  Ann helped bring Bobby into this world AND this is in front of our old house in Maryland!

Just a week ago, Bobby handed me something.  This was on his evaluation test, but he had not done it before and wouldn't do it for the evaluators.  He also will show me his tongue when I ask most of the time.  And he learned to clap today at exactly 11 months old!

His eating has been a little tiny bit better.  I have given him a meltable solid (i.e. Baby rice cracker that gets soft when gummed or chewed and breaks off.)  He did not throw it up, but neither did he swallow it.  He moved the pieces out of his mouth with his tongue.  I am still giving him the mesh baby feeder with a variety of foods in it that he can chew and suck until there is not much left inside.  A few times there have been banana strings or weensy pieces of food that are normally gag inducing sized things for him.  He has not thrown up those pieces, but has pushed them out with his tongue as well.  The times this month that he threw up were due to me feeding him a baby food that he can usually handle in possibly too big of bites or too quickly.  He did have some very smooth guacamole successfully.  He also learned to suck the food out of pouches which is great because that is much faster.  Another new thing that I am trying is to incorporate more spice and seasoning into his food since he has such a bland diet with baby food.  So, I am adding crushed pepper or hot sauce to his baby foods.  He has even pushed out of his mouth a piece of cracked pepper that was too big for his liking.

This little guy loves his brothers and sisters.  He lights up, squeals, and sometimes has a near conniption when his siblings walk into the room.

Bobby has perfected his "stink eye" look that he gives just about all adults and some older kids.  It's a pretty mean face, but somehow endearing and adorable at the same time.  If he doesn't do the stink eye, then he looks down so that it looks like his eyes are closed and frowns.  These looks are usually followed by burying his head in my shoulder and sometimes going so far as to hook his arm under my bra strap.  It's a crazy shy behavior.  I wonder if he'll grow out of it.  It seems to have mostly replaced his weird blinky thing that we thought was a seizure.  I much prefer this to the blinky thing.

He's been an excellent traveler.  He recovered from the jetlag remarkably fast, in four or five days he was back to sleeping through the night.  Although he's turned over a few dog water bowls and cannot seem to leave the robot vacuum alone, he is doing pretty well being away from home for so long.  Most of this month and last has been spent away from home.  This probably is affecting his development as well since Bobby seems to be a timid, shy, laid back little dude.

As laid back as he has been as an infant, in just the last week he's started this screeching and thrashing about randomly.  I imagine this is frustration with not being able to tell us what he wants yet, but suddenly very deeply wanting things.  He really hasn't cared much one way or another, but now he cares.  He is also biting me on the arm or shoulder when I am holding him.  I am putting him down if he does this if it is possible to take away attention and hopefully stop the behavior before it gets too habitual.  When I do that he usually screams for about 10 seconds and then crawls off to play.  No sure if it's working.

I didn't mean to end on a bad note.  Bobby is a precious angel most of the time and he LOVES to go outside, bubbles, and splashing in the tub or pool!  His smile is amazing even if his stink eye is more common.  And of course, his laugh is to die for.  Love you, Bobby!

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