Saturday, July 2, 2016

Special Visitors

It seems I have lost a post completely.  I don't think that has ever happened before.  I wrote this whole post and even thought I posted it, but all that I can find is the skeleton post with only the pictures.  So this is the redo of the post.  I have surely forgotten all the good stories that go along with it by now, but here it is nonetheless.

Right during our one week break between our trips to Italy and France, we had visitors come.  Brian's mom, grandmother, and uncle all came to visit.

Brian took part of the crew sight seeing the first day because I had appointments and Drew had kindergarten to get back to..

Adult Dinner Out
We also went on a Rhine River cruise.  It was a chilly day to be out on the top deck, so the adults mostly stayed inside the dining area.  The tea was ridiculously expensive, but the view was breathtaking.

Braving the wind and the chill.

We got off the boat and walked around a quaint village before the boat came to pick us up again to take us back to our van.

Oh my, what a cutie pants!

Gelato break!

Bobby loves that gelato!  Great Nanna was holding out for some Black Forrest cake because it really was too cold for ice cream.

We couldn't get enough of this guy.

We did a great many other things together, and their visit came to an end just the night before we left for Lourdes.  Here are our last minute group photos.

My favorite memory from the trip is when I was thanking Great Nanna for making the trip over to see us, and she said to me, "I wouldn't have missed it for the world, Kelle.  Not for the world."  What a heartfelt and precious thing to say to me!

She asked for a cutting of one of our lilac plants in the front.  As we walked them out to the car, Brian hastily grabbed a piece, and he was worried it wasn't a good enough cutting.  Great Nanna became so animated and excited, insisting that she could make it grow.  The joy that we saw in her face was such a gift for us.  

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