Saturday, July 16, 2016

Germans have crazy medieval festivals too.

This was another first for us.  Lots of people dressed in costumes since you got in free if you dressed up.  Even my husband wasn't cheap enough to go that far.  Luckily there was a family price regardless of how many kids you have.   

See the salmon hanging above the fire behind Isaac?  The kids and Brian love this kind of salmon.  I'm not a fish/seafood person.

Ordering the salmon

There were some traditional fest foods, but we had a few new things as well, like a pita filled with meat and creamy sauce on top.  I also had a Knobibrot that was different looking.  It is a grilled round bread that they pile sauce, cheese, veggies, and meat on.  We had roasted nuts too.  The good thing about having all thee kids is we can try a bunch of foods at these fests without getting too full.  We also had Flamkuchen and the salmon.  I had some Mead, AKA honey wine.

There were a couple of ladies walking around with owls you could pet.  Hannah was not brave enough  to touch them or get any closer than this.

Look hard for the tiny owl here.
We walked around looking at the crafts and wares for sale and the medieval tents to observe.  Then there was the torture museum, sword fighting, archery, and that was about it.    No giant turkey legs like in Texas.  It was different.
This guy was brewing beer over and open flame in a cauldron.  He offered Brian a taste by pouring it into his hands from a wooden spoon.

This was very creepy.  There were these ghoulish people randomly throughout.  Not sure why my husband wanted a picture of our children with them.  Bleh!

Sword Fights

I need one of these at home, huh?

They even had a torture museum which was just weird.

Archery:  Genna and Isaac were the only ones interested in this.

Another long day for Bobby to tag along in the Ergo.  He's not a good stroller rider yet because I am usually wearing him on these adventures.  He was a good boy in the Ergo but happy to be home.

Bobby's becoming quite the little man.

That smile gets me EVERYtime.

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