Sunday, July 31, 2016

And the wedding that took us over the Atlantic!

My cousin's wedding is the reason I made the crazy decision to cross the ocean again so soon.  Here we are getting ready to leave for the wedding that was on the rooftop across from the Capitol building in DC.

Look at my Hannah.  It could almost be me in that picture, just taller and currently with longer hair.  She's a pro at babies.
The wedding was on a Sunday afternoon, so we were thinking no traffic.  Buu-uuut it is DC and there's always traffic.  So thankfully, we had allowed an hour to get there.  I would be pretty mad if I was late to a wedding that I came from so far away for.  Plus, the ceremony was only 15 minutes long.  You could easily have missed the whole thing if you were just a little late.

First dance of the new happy couple
It started at 2pm which is nap time, so we brought the stroller up which was a good call.  I thought Judah would be fine for a couple of hours, but he was so tired that the minute the wedding party started coming down the aisle he started asking for his pacifier and his bed.  When this guy wants to go to bed, there is little you can do to prevent the crying if he isn't able to go to bed.  So I pulled out all the stops to talk him into waiting just a short time.  We colored and talked about who we could see.  In short, I felt like I missed the ceremony.

Next was a cocktail hour downstairs during picture time.  Judah fell asleep promptly in the stroller.  I covered him up and he stayed asleep for probably an hour and a half or two.  He never takes long naps when we are out.  Score!  When he woke up Bobby was ready for a stroller nap, a much shorter one.

I rarely get to see my sweet girl look all girly.  It was so fun!

Isaac and Genevieve watching the dance

The food served was finger foods and mini desserts coming out our ears!  Cake pops, mini popcycles, and shots of milk with a chocolate chip cookie resting on top were some of the memorable ones other than the cake and cupcakes.  I know a bride who really loves her desserts.

Fun and games at the reception

Judah woke up from his nap in the stroller just in time for the trays of mini popcycles to be brought around.  Mimi got some good cuddles.

Throwing the bouquet:  This was always my favorite part of weddings when I was a little girl.

My stair step boys awaiting the garter toss

Garter toss

A goodbye hug for the bride
Before the wedding, I was lucky enough to be able to attend two of her wedding showers while in town.  One of which Hannah and Bobby came with me, and that was a real treat.  Hannah and I got to talk and enjoy a wonderful afternoon together, and she even wore a dainty dress for that too.  She was pretty disappointed when she found out what she had to wear to the shower (we borrowed a dress for that), but she did it and looked so pretty I could have cried.

My mom wanted me to wear my hair down, but I was so glad I opted for this updo since it was very hot and super windy.

I LOVE this picture of Bobby and me!  He looks like an adorable little man.

Mimi and the girls

My cousin, Bobby, and me

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