Monday, August 1, 2016

How do you even zip up your jeans when they are on backwards?

If I was a hashtag kinda girl (which my husband would never allow!) that would make a good hashtag.  Let me address a few things here about that not-a-real-hashtag post title.

One, you might be thinking, who is wearing jeans in the middle of July?  Us folks over here in Germany are on the breezy days that start off in the low fifties and maybe get up to seventy with little sun popping out.

Two, what kind of  person would put on jeans backwards?  Well, since Drew has now done it twice, I think the answer is Drew.

Finally, let me set the scene here for you medicinal laughter enjoyment.

I am just turning the lamp off in Bobby's room after his nap time story.  The rule is that once that lamp goes off, no one is supposed to talk to me or enter.  This rule is broken a lot by the boys.  Judah starts screaming and he and Isaac come down the stairs to tattle on each other.  Despite my best efforts to shoo them out, they keep trying to tattle and then Drew comes down.  At this time the other two boys are leaving.  Drew tells me some information about the fight that I ignore completely.  He turns to go and while he is walking out of the room he reaches behind his backside and proceeds to zip up and button his jeans while running back up the stairs.  Wow!  I couldn't help but get a good hard laugh out of that one.  By this time, Bobby is wide eyed and not sleepy, so I just laughed and laughed.  It ruined his nap, but it was the funniest thing I'd seen in a while.  So worth it.

The last time he did it I didn't even notice until we got all the way to his speech class and he took off his coat to reveal the back pockets in the front.  The speech teacher laughed, but was most perplexed as to how he got them on backwards to begin with since you do have to zip and snap them.  I assumed he had pulled them on without unzipping and snapping them, but now I know the truth.

Here's my crazy guy in action..

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