Friday, August 5, 2016

Bob the Builder

I love this picture!  It makes me feel so loved.  I had left Bobby with Brian a second to get Judah out of his crib.  I came back to find this patient peanut waiting for me to return.

Bobby had his well check the other day.  He has dropped to the 20th percentile in weight, but I am pretty sure all my boys dipped in weight at this age.  And with his eating solids being such a slow going event, it isn't surprising to me.  He was 31 inches long and 22 lbs.   

The doctor was pleased that he has caught up in all the areas except for gross motor.  His delay in gross motor is only slight now.  Way to go, Bobby!  He did mention he has loose hips, but not disconcertingly so.  It just may be adding to his walking delay.

Our current goals and steps to achieve those goals are as follows:

 -to move towards more self feeding by offering a filled spoon to him on the tray specifically during breakfast because that is when he eats the most spoon foods.

 -to practice walking while holding on by encouraging him to stand and take steps while holding on to my fingers before I pick him up most times during the day and Drew puts toys ont he couch in the mornings to encourage more vertical play and creeping.

 -to improve his muscle tone in his hips by encouraging supervised climbing on stairs and on pillows on the floor.

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