Friday, August 12, 2016

Sweet Siblings

Isaac loves to read to Bobby before his nap.  It's just about the sweetest thing ever.  Normally, Bobby wants me to put him to bed, but he loves books so much that for this part of the bed time routine he doesn't care who reads the books as long as someone does.

The rainbow didn't show up as pretty on the phone camera, but the big kids were excited to see this giant Regenbogen across the sky at sunset when the little ones were already tucked into bed.

All the kids love to play in the sheer curtains when the door is open and the wind is blowing them.  We keep the sliding door open a lot during the "summer" (I use that term loosely since there have been precious few days I haven't needed a sweater) and the curtains over the open door to deter some of the flies from making it into our abode.  No screens make flies a common house guest around these parts.

This is an adorable video of Bobby giving Judah a hug.  It looks like he is attempting a kiss as well.  His hugs are the best!  Judah is thrilled because he LOVES hugs.  He's a cuddle bunny.

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