Sunday, August 14, 2016

Genevieve's Big Debut on Stage!

The week of our Totus Tuus (which is kind of like a Catholic version of Vacation Bible School) I had already signed Genna up for theatre camp.  It is run by Misoula travelling theatre company.  They put together a play in one week.  Hannah and Isaac went to Totus Tuus and Genevieve went to theatre camp.  she wanted to try her hand at acting, but I was afraid to commit to one of the full plays that practice for months, four days a week.

For reference, Genevieve was the white fairy.  The pictures get closer up.

Her good friend, Anna, was in the camp with her so she was pumped, excited, and generally acting completely normal for herself.  Hannah was not happy at all about having to go to camp without Genna or their friend, Anna.

Monday was try out day and practice began right away.  The play was Sleeping Beauty.  They got their folders and learned their lines and cues as soon as possible.  Genevieve was chosen for fairy #11, the funny fairy, she called it.  Her friend was to be the queen's lady in waiting.

Genna said her best line a little too quietly, but other than that she was the best fairy ever!  I'm only a little biased, so you can trust me.  She had us laughing the whole time.  At one point the fairies are all dancing across the stage.  She totally hammed it up.  I was amazed at how comfortable she was up on stage having never been there before other than small piano recitals.  She LOVED it!  Now I'm in trouble because we live at least 25 minutes from the theatre here, and she can't wait until she can do it again.

A star is born!

In the picture above, the whole cast is on stage while one of the travelling teachers is thanking people and giving information about their organization.  Genevieve had Hannah and I giggling up a storm.  Everyone was kind of just standing on stage looking around or listening, but not my daughter.  She's playing it up, waving, posing, and curtsying to us, acting like she is the only one on stage and we are the only ones in the audience.  I got part of it on video, but it was too big of a file to put on here.

These pictures are of all the fairies.  Look at that crazy white fairy!

Daddy's getting a picture with our new star.

On Cloud 9!

Her audience, waiting for the stars to finish changing after the show

We had a few visitors here that got to come see the play and cheer her on.  One of them kept yelling, "Fairy #11 is the best, and all you other fairies stink!"  It was very awkward.

Just kidding.  He was only whispering it.  :)

In conclusion, my sweet daughter may have finally found her "thing."  She's been searching for a hobby.  She loves to run, but the running club filled up too fast.  We'll see how this goes.  Sounds like it will be hard to swing, but maybe we will get lucky and find a carpooling option.  In the meantime, I am trying to get her to do more things that put her up talking or singing in front of people, like joining the choir at church or being a lector at daily Mass.  If her gift is not being afraid/shy being up in front of people those are two ways she can use her gift for the church community to spare those of us who cringe at a microphone.  Our biggest hurdle for all of this is working it all in with our travel plans.

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