Thursday, August 4, 2016

Summer Activities

The first activity that I tried out was supposed to be to make Bobby some sensory bottles, but everyone thought it was so amazing.  Even the big kids are saving up bottles and trinkets to make their own soon.  Bobby, of course, did not think they were cool at all.

The next activity was to freeze a bucket of water with hidden "treasures" in it and let them use plastic hammers and screw drivers to pick away at it until all the treasures were exposed.  This kept them all busy for a long time.  Again, even Genna and Isaac joined in the activity meant for Judah and Drew.  Good activity for a hot summer day which we haven't had many of.

And another hot summer day activity, the traditional baby pool was initially scoffed at by Drew, but he enjoyed it with the little two in the end.  Isaac liked shooting water guns at the boys.

A sweet kiss for Bobby...Judah gives him kisses or hugs a million times a day.

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