Tuesday, August 16, 2016

More Visitors!

When we lived in Maryland we met our neighbor across the street during Brian's block fest that he planned yearly.  This man was actually from Germany and spoke German.  My husband, not being shy like me, asked him if we could trade German tutoring for dinner and beer.  His response, being a German was an affirmative.  Over the years he came nearly every week to help the kids with their German (Saturday school) homework and give them additional assignments to work on throughout the week.  He worked on conversational German with them, and occasionally Brian or I would sit in and learn a few things as well.  Though most of the time I was trying to keep the little ones from showing him stuff and stealing his attention.  During all of this time spent with the big kids, he really came to love our children.  When we left he cried as he hugged them and each of us goodbye.  It was such a treat to find out he was coming to visit with his girlfriend who we had also gotten to know well.  

Frank and Julie at the soccer game in Kaiserslautern

Hannah and Isaac's godfather was already staying with us in the guest room, so Hannah and Genna gave up their rooms and bathroom for a few days while they were staying with us.  They spent most of their time in Bavaria with his parents.

Godfather Brian at the soccer game

They all were able to attend Genevieve's play before heading out with Brian to the soccer game in Kaiserslautern stadium.  This kids and I stayed home for that one, but Brian promised the older ones that they can go with him some time.

The next morning they walked to the bakery and the park with the kids.

We spent a lot of time out on our balcony off the main living area in the evenings.  This evening had a particularly pretty sunset.

Hannah had been sick the last half of the week, so on Saturday she stayed home with me and Bobby while the rest of the crew went to Luxembourg and Bern-Kastel Kues.  They had a great time!  The kids came running in telling me how daddy got them two gelatos.  Judah normally gets a fruit sorbet, but his had cream in it they were pretty sure once they tasted it.  They tested his allergy and he didn't even get a rash.  We've been giving him baked and stove cooked milk products more and more, but never raw milk like that.  (Since this happened he did have a mild reaction to uncooked cheese.)

I love this picture!  This captures his personality well.
The last full day they were here was the car free day which is a whole 'nother post.  Frank and Julie ended up doing the "Devil's Hike" instead of the car free day with us.  They love to hike and they really enjoyed it.

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