Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Independance Day Celebration

Since it was the fourth of July when we were driving back from Giverny and we did take longer on the stop than we originally planned to, we had to drive straight into the American Fest to have dinner and set up for fireworks.  We rarely get to do the fireworks as a family it seems, and here it is even harder because it isn't dark enough for fireworks until 10:45pm!  We didn't get home until after midnight.  I knew it was crazy after such a big trip, but some of my favorite childhood memories are from watching the fireworks with my family.  I knew I'd pay for it with overly tired kids the next day, and I did.  I kept the boys home from Kindergarten to let them sleep and recover.  We canceled the rest of our regular stuff for that day and just stayed home.

You see those balloons in the picture.  We started with six, and made it home with only three.  I may never allow balloons in my house again.  This is the second time I've had to pop them all to stop the arguing.  Aaand done.

Anyway, back to our late night fireworks excursion with an almost two year old.  Bobby sat ramrod straight watching the fireworks and when someone asked if he liked them he said in a tiny voice, "Make it stop."  Then he started to shiver all over when there was an unexpected louder boom of a collection of fireworks going off at the same time.  I wrapped him up tight in a blanket and held him close.  He didn't cry really, just shivered really violently until I held him all wrapped up for a minute and then the exhaustion settled in and he started to fall asleep.  I put the Ergo on and positioned him so he could just go to sleep, and I could wear him until we got back to the van.  They were really pretty good fireworks compared to what we got in Maryland.  We had a great time laughing and giggling before and oohing and aahing during and waiting in traffic to get home afterwards.

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