Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hahnfest in Our Old Stomping Grounds

The following weekend, I had a homeschool conference that morning, and apparently I missed a piano concert while I was away.

The blondies playing the piano
We used to live in Queidersbach the last time we lived here.  This fest introduced us to some friends that we still keep in contact with today.  Brian really looks forward to this one.  I say Brian and not me, not because I don't look forward to it, because I do, but because it is on such a different level than how much he looks forward to it that it's not even fair to group us in that context.  He just LOVES it and would never let me here the end of it if say one of our babies was being born during the Hahnfest and he had to miss it.  I still get comments about how Hannah was born during an Aggie game, granted it was the biggest one of the year.  It is all in good fun.  I think.

Hahn means chicken, so this fest is all about this super delicious rotisserie chicken.  It is really flavorful and moist.  It starts late though and the lines can be long.  Brian has the bright idea that we should get there an hour before the fest begins and get in line for chicken.  We are literally the first ones there besides the friends he told to come at the same time.  Well, no lines for us.  We did get our chicken first, but we still stayed as late as last year.  I had to drag Brian home and really only succeeded because the last of our friends were leaving too.

Picture of the chicken on spits roasting at the fest
We were sitting next to one of the drink stations with slushes.  One of the workers accidentally stepped on the water hose they use to help clean the glasses.  It shot right all over Bobby's back and scared him to death.  He started screaming and she runs over and apologizes profusely.  Moments later she returns with a free slushie just for Bobby.  He immediately stopped crying and got the straw in his mouth.  It was apple juice flavored, and that was his first juice ever.  He loved it!  Juice is the two year old privilege, so he got a special early birthday privilege just a couple weeks before his birthday.

Stuffing our faces with some amazing chicken and fries
There was a bouncy house for the kids, but who wants their kids on a bouncy house when one of those kids just broke his arm on one.  But oh well!  They had fun the whole time and never really even asked to go except for a moment when one group of friends left, but they quickly found a new group to play with and ran off.  Isaac couldn't jump, obviously, and he was a really good sport about it.  I brought a deck of cards for him and he enlisted a couple of friends to play games with him for a good while.  He still managed to have fun even without being able to jump.

Speaking of, his cast comes off this week!  Yay!

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