Friday, October 3, 2014

Some Embroidery Projects

While in Texas, I embroidered some onesies for baby gifts.  We had a string of girls there, so these are all girl ones, but I am working on another one for a boy right now.  They are simpler than the gifts I like to give for baby births, but tis the season of my life where I don't have the time to do anything but simple and quick projects.  It's the luck of the draw really.  Have your baby at just the right time, and I'll make you a blanket instead.  :)  Anyway, I got Baby Legs and made personalized onesies to match.  Here they are...

I also made a taggie elephant for this special baby who was born at only 29 weeks (3 lbs 3 oz!)  It will be a good while before she can fit into this, but she's growing bigger every day.

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The Pilots Wife said...

Those are so cute! I love the baby legs. Prayers for your friend with the 29 weeker.