Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What else have we been doing?

I've been torturing Hannah by doing her hair one day a week.  She was miserable, but when she came back from AHG, she admitted that a lot of girls had commented on how pretty her hair was.

Judah's been on the BRAT diet for almost three weeks due to a serious case of diarrhea.  TMI, I know.  I can't figure out why this would happen suddenly and tick around for so very long!  Sometimes it is more than five times a day and never less than four.  The biggest issue is when I don't catch it right away and he gets a major rash that is hard to get a handle on.  I am starting to worry that I may have to give up dairy in my diet too.

The weather has been really beautiful with a few chilly days here and there.  We need to get all the outside time in that we can!  Judah loves it outside and screams when I have to bring him in.

It must be said, that very soon after I posted that Judah was still not walking everywhere, he kind of started to walk everywhere.  He still falls a lot, but usually pops right back up and keeps walking.  Oh, he is adorable!  

This funny guy brought me an "I spy" book the other day and pointed to the eye on the front cover.  He said, "Loot, Mom!  It's an eye with no body.  It's so freaty."  Translation:   Look Mom!  It's an eye with no body.  It's so freaky.  I love how he still can't say the sound k, but, hopefully, he gets it someday before he has to have speech therapy.

Superman started recognizing and remembering the name of the letter S now.  He's known for a while that it stands for Superman, but just recently started remembering what the letter is called.

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