Sunday, August 9, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday, Isaac!

Isaac turns 7 today.  I can't say enough about this boy of mine.  He is sweeter than anything, generous beyond measure, a great problem solver, and a little genius (like his dad.)  We love him to pieces!

He requested a picnic for his birthday, but we are putting that off until next weekend because of a myriad of things that have to be done this weekend.  We went to Mass first thing in the morning.  Well, Brian got up with the big kids and made waffles early so I could sleep in with Bobby.  I woke up at 8:15am and I was walking out the door while nursing the baby at 8:45am to head to Mass.  He opened presents when we got home.  He got a big Ninjago Lego set and a tent building kit from his grandparents.  We got him some Nerf guns, a Nerf vest, and extra bullets.

The girls made him gifts and Drew made him a card.  It was so sweet how much he enjoyed their gifts.  Hannah made him a duct tape box with his name on it.  Genna made him a card and gave him a lot of candy and gum from her stash.

Drew was very worried that he hadn't made a gift, but I insisted that the card was perfect and that he Nerf stuff was from the whole family.

We went to dinner at the restaurant of his choice which was Red Robin.  He had a great time and got a free ice cream sundae.

His seventh birthday privilege is to have an all boy's party.  He wanted laser tag, but many of the kids on his list aren't quite big enough to handle the equipment, so we settled on a bouncy house type place.  His party isn't until Friday.  Daddy's running the show.  All I have to do is send the cake.  Yay!

He gets another celebration with all the boys (All the boys in the family were born between July 20th and September 13th.) at the beach where he'll get even more gifts from his aunts and uncles.

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