Monday, August 17, 2015

Our Bobby: 4 Weeks Old

Well, I am starting to feel normal-ish again.  Last week I actually did other things than just sleep and nurse and take care of the kids.  I actually crossed things off my to-do list every day.  My mother-in-law helped with that by cleaning, doing the regular everyday stuff of making snacks and lunches, reading books to the littles, and taking the littles outside for me.  We still have friends bringing meals for dinners so I didn't have to do that.  So, by no means take my normal-ish feelings for meaning I am back in business again.  I have had a lot of help.

This is just a funny picture because it looks like Judah's trying  to eat Bobby, but really it was supposed to be a kiss.

Bobby is settling into a rough schedule of waking, eating, and then sleeping until three hours after the last waking during the day.  He usually has a time in the morning and a time in the evening where he is awake a little bit more than the thirty to forty-five minutes that he does most of the day.  If he is awake too long he often has a harder time settling down for a nap.  His normal settling is a few minutes of crying followed by looking around and blinking sleepily for awhile, sometimes dozing off for a while, and then repeats for a half hour to an hour sometimes.  Then he is in a deep sleep that nothing can wake him from.  He's had a couple of days where he did not follow this pattern and had a very hard time sleeping or being happy at all.

Beginning of a sleepy smile

Every time I sit down to nurse Bobby, Judah asks to hold him.
Things I know about Bobby this week that may or may not be different next week:

1. He cries in the carseat a lot, but if we are moving he sometimes chills or even falls asleep.  Sometimes.  It will be interesting to see how the long drive to Florida goes in a week.

2.  He does not like to be put down unswaddled on his back.  Ever.  Not even during awake times.  He only likes his tummy, to be held, or swaddled in his Moses basket for nap/bed.  This makes getting pictures of just him difficult.

3.  He doesn't last long in the swing even if he does miraculously fall asleep it's been only for 45 minutes or less.

4.  I have a hard time rocking him to sleep.  In general, I don't make this a habit because I am all about teaching them early to fall asleep on their own, but from time to time they need a little help.  He has yet to accept that help unless I wear him in the wrap.

5.  He has TWO dimples!!!!  This is my favorite thing ever!  I love dimples, but I've mentioned that before.
Here's one of them!

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