Wednesday, August 19, 2015

All Boy Birthday Party

Daddy played host for this party.  I played nursing mom to a newborn at home with the girls and the youngest two boys.  Being that the details of the party were reported to me by boys and a man, I don't know too much about what happened except for what the pictures tell.  My only contribution was the ice cream castle cake (pictures at the bottom of the post) that Isaac requested.

Looks like they had a blast which is all that matters!

This is not my best cake, but it is what he requested.  All the boys LOVED it so it was a success despite my perfectionist problems.  I had to back up and start over twice and it still turned out messier than I had hoped.  Ice cream and whipped cream is not an easy medium to work with at all.  I prefer real cakes to decorate.

A last minute, in the freezer, picture

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