Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Happy Birthday, Judah (or whatever you call him)!

I am bad.  I am so bad.  On Judah's second birthday we were driving to Florida to meet my side of the family at the beach.  We drove a total of 13 hours that day and we got exactly zero pictures of the birthday boy.  On top of that we got up and started immediately packing the van, AKA the Beast, that morning and hit the road.  We did not even say happy birthday to him until his godmother texted me a birthday message for him 2 hours into our drive and we suddenly were reminded that, yes, today was his birthday.  And, yes, we did forget.

We quickly all said, "Happy birthday," to him.  To which he responded by yelling, "Nooo!" therefore declaring himself officially a two year old.  Maybe he was secretly angry at us for taking so long to say it.  Or maybe he was mad at the two people who said, "Happy birthday, Benjamin!" instead of "Happy birthday, Judah!" ;)

The drive went well, but other than Bobby, no one got more than a half hour nap the entire drive.  Well, Isaac fell asleep at the end there.  Drew wore his Seaband bracelet and didn't throw up once even when we finally relented and let them watch a movie the last few hours.  The big van is really good for his motion sickness.  My theory is that you don't have as big a disconnect between how fast you are going and how fast you feel like you are going since the suspension isn't as good.

We tried to find a hotel on the way in Tallahassee, but it is a college town and all the parents were taking up all of our queen suites.  So we had to settle for a king suite which sounds better, but is actually worse.  A queen suite has 2 queens and a full pull out sofa.  A king suite has only one king bed and a full pull out sofa.  So we, being the good parents that we are and not wanting to share a bed with wiggle worms, took the pull out sofa and slept with springs jammed into more places than I though possible so that the kids could squeeze into the king bed together.  Hannah opted out of that close quarter arrangement and slept on our couch cushions on the floor.  Judah got a crib from which he serenaded us for a long long time, and Bobby slept in his Moses basket like a champ.  It was not my best night sleep.  BUT.  We woke up and ate breakfast the next morning and only had 2 hours to go.

Speaking of breakfast, Brian took the early bird, Judah (who was serenading us again at 6am,) down for breakfast first while the rest of us got a little more sleep.  He then got his first juice, which is his 2 year old privilege.  When I went down with the rest of the bunch while Brian and Judah stayed in the room, an older gentleman asked me if they were all mine.  (That's a question I get a lot.)  I said yes and he asked me if the two kids behind me were also mine as a joke because it was obvious they were with another set of parents.  I said, "No, but I do have one more up in the room."  He laughed, and I am not sure if he believed me or thought I was kidding too.

I didn't get one single picture of him on his birthday.  I am also bad because I am so behind on this blog.  Hang in there while I try to catch up.

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