Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Smiles, Donuts, and a Chuckle

Bobby smiles in response to you talking to him or smiling at him a lot more often now.  I caught a few on camera this last week.

After Bath Smiles

Hannah took these pictures.

Judah got to have his very first donut while we were on our mini vacation.  He still can't have a lot of them because they have milk products on top of the donut, but he can have plain cake donuts.  I was super excited, and it was kind of a let down.  He didn't even finish it!  What kind of person doesn't finish their donut unless you're on a diet or something?  I was definitely more excited than he was, but if we'd have had to tell him he had to eat cereal while everyone else had a donut he wouldn't have been too happy, I am sure.

Bobby is still doing the little chuckles or giggles, but no huge laughs yet.  It's pretty much adorable.

Right before I took this, he was chuckling at Hannah.  

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