Friday, September 11, 2015

The Beach

On Saturday, August 22nd, when we arrived we headed straight to the beach for a quick and sandy introduction to the beach.  Sunday we went to the beach a little longer and were inundated with tiny jellyfish stings.  They weren't bad, but they were annoying and sometimes long lasting.  It was enough to drive me and Hannah to the shore for most of the week.  Our typical pattern was beach in the morning and pool in the afternoon.  The pool was right outside our door in the backyard, so I enjoyed a couple of quiet afternoons when the kids were napping or reading laying on a raft and reading.  

Tuesday evening we had a photographer come from Sandprints Photography.  She was amazing, getting pictures of the whole group of us, different combinations, and individuals in one hour.  I was very nervous that we wouldn't make it before sunset, but she was a pro.  The header on my blog and the sidebar has some of the pictures.  The next post will be nothing but her professional photos.  This post has Brian's outtakes from his phone.

After getting the pictures and getting the kids all tucked into bed, Brian, Bobby, and I went out with my sister and brother-in-law to meet my cousin and her husband at a parade.  I wore Bobby in my wrap and he slept the whole time.

My sister and I (and Bobby too)

Judah's always been difficult to get to smile right for the camera.  Brian came up with this idea to tell him to laugh and so a lot of the pictures have him like this with his mouth open.

See what I mean?

Our surfer dude

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