Friday, September 4, 2015

Bobs at 6 weeks

At 6 weeks Bobby is getting big and filling out.  His diapers are leaking constantly so we are moving on up to the size 2's and he's getting too long for some of the onsies that are 0-3 months.  Most of the 0-3 month clothes still fit him, but the onesies are getting snug.

Aunt Barbara came for a visit before our trip.

We started getting very quick, random smiles.  Brian got the first one on our trip and says it wasn't quick.  He is so proud that he got the first one.  I'm happy for him since he missed the birth and all.  I figure he deserves it.

Bobby has had a hard time with sleeping for naps.  He had trouble falling asleep and even more trouble staying asleep.  When we were on the beach, he would sleep on his tummy in the pack-n-play tent just fine.  I wore him in my wrap on the walk down there and usually carried him back so I didn't get the wrap covered in sand while I put it on.

I think I've got this carry down.  I would've just left him in it, but it was so hot and I wanted him fully shaded since he can't wear sunscreen.

In that cool pack-n-play

Best pack-n-play for the beach ever

Anyway, back to the sleeping.  We did find that if we got him drowsy before laying him down and gave him a few pacifier reinserts and pats he did do significantly better in his Moses basket (zipped up in his Woombie and on his side.)  So I am going that route with his sleep training.

He is nursing well, about every 3 hours during the day.  Unfortunately, during the trip he started doing every 3 hours all through the night too which was not fun since I was desperately trying not to nap or go to bed at 8pm on my vacation.  I spent afternoon rest times alone or with adults on the beach or at the pool.  The first night home, he went 6 hours between nursings and then 3 more hours after that.  It was like Christmas time in summer for me!

Rough schedule:

8am wake and nurse
9am nap
11am wake and nurse
12pm nap
2 pm wake and nurse
3pm nap
5pm wake and nurse
(There is sometimes a bath in here.)
6:30pm bed
8pm wake and nurse
(He usually goes right back to bed, but sometimes is awake for an hour.)
11pm dreamfeed
(He usually wakes at 3am ish and sometimes again at 6am ish, but he sometimes only wakes at 4 or 5am.)

 He's getting better about staying awake during most feedings.  It seems like he has a harder time in the afternoons staying awake during the feedings though.  He's also getting better at letting me put him down during his awake times, but again is better in the mornings than in the afternoons.

He does love that tummy.

His siblings haven't been asking to hold him quite as  much, but they still ask a lot, with the exception of Hannah.  Hannah will jump to volunteer though if I ask if someone can hold him for me though.  Drew has a hard time keeping his hands off of him.  He told me with a giant smile, "I just love him so much!"  So sweet!  I love him so much too.  So. Much.

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