Friday, September 4, 2015

Just Today

I'm taking a break from the catching up posts to post about today before I don't remember today well enough to post about it.

I am officially back in business.  We are starting school again on next Tuesday, but this week I was out and about with the kids by myself Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  It really wore me out.  I haven't had a real nap since my mother-in-law left two weeks ago.  And Bobby is rarely giving me more than 3 hours of sleep in a row.  So today, Thursday, I declared a mental health day and decided not to even get dressed.  Normally I am a big proponent of getting out of my pajamas everyday even if I'm not leaving the house, but not today.

So my plan backfired and by dinnertime I felt crazier than I did this morning.

Judah has started saying, "Yeah, yeah, yeah," in response to questions instead of just one assent.  It's pretty adorable.  He also has asked me,"What is this/that?" about a hundred times today which actually hasn't contributed much to the aforementioned insanity because it's cute.  Judah really only contributes to my insanity when he refuses to let me change his clothes or diaper and pitches a giant, kicking, screaming fit about it (which sometimes results in a naked timeout where I pray the whole time he doesn't pee on the wall.)  Most of the time though he is just stinkin' cute.

Like today when he came in from playing in the 90 degree backyard all sweaty and dirty and precious.

He stayed in his pajamas today too.

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