Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Well Check in Triplicate

I got a phone call right before we were headed out to our appointment and I just knew it was the appointment lady trying to reschedule.  When I heard her voice, I said, "Oh no!  Please, don't tell me you're cancelling our three appointments," while adding in my head, "Because I just woke up all the kids and got everyone ready to go."  She explained that they were having a little problem with the A?C working too well.  It was very cold inside.  I asked exactly how cold we're talking...40's, 50's.  She said 60's, and I said,  "We'll bring sweaters.  See you there."

I got approximately five, "Are they all yours?" questions, not counting the one lady's double and triple checking to make sure I understood the question.  "You mean all of them?  You're not babysitting for anyone?"  No, no.  I understand what you are asking.  

The kids behaved nicely.  Judah didn't have any immunizations, but I had told him he would be getting shots and a treat afterwards.  Drew had been super worried about the shots and he had to get two.  Bobby, of course, had a ton of them.  While we were in the immunizations waiting room, Judah was begging for a shot and Drew was begging not to make him get any shots.  It was quite the entertainment for the other patients.  Hannah held Bobby (because he had fallen asleep on me) while I took Drew in for his shots.  Genna pushed Judah around in the Bobby's stroller, and Isaac came in to read to Drew to help distract him.  Drew had asked him to do that.  I was very proud of my sweeties for all helping out with the younger ones.  Drew was over it quickly and I bought them all Sonic slushies for being so good (since there is a relatively new Sonic up near the doctor and that is my favorite place ever!)  Bobby had a rough day, sleeping most of the day, but waking up screaming randomly.  I was wearing him in my linen wrap most of the day since we were at co-op and then the fair.

Everyone is in excellent health.  Here are the stats...

Robert Cecil weighed in at 14 lbs even  (91%) and measured 24" (83%) with a head circumference of 40cm (48%.)

Judah weighed in at 29.4 lbs (63%) and measured 34.4" (42%) with a whopping head circumference of 51cm (94%) which means he's got a big head on a regular sized body like Genna did.

Drewy weighed in at 40.3 lbs (81%) and measured 43.3" (97%.)

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