Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Judah wants to be like the big boys.

Judah is very into using the potty right now.  I'm not quite sure if he's ready for actual potty training yet (or maybe I'm the one who's not ready,) but he is asking to go sometimes and is really putting pee and even a little bit of poop in the potty each time. He definitely knows what to do, but I'm not interested in doing this before our move at all.

We were watching the Republican debate with the big kids, and Judah was being silly.
He is also trying to dress himself, mostly unsuccessfully so far.  He wants to squeeze every ketchup bottle and shake every salt shaker himself.  He demands to climb into his own seat and try to buckle it all by himself.  Independence is nice, but at this stage it is so slow.  I have to make myself slow down and give him a chance for all the reasonable things because it is so much easier to do it myself.  How else will he learn?

He's been waking up a little earlier than usual lately, around 6am.  The other day Brian heard him and went in his room to try to lay on the big bed with him and catch a few more z's because Bobby and I were still sleeping.  Brian told me later that he was climbing all over him and getting books to look at, but at some point got really quiet.  Brian lifted his head to look at him.  Judah was crawling over to the door and stood up really quietly, put his hand on the door knob, and then looked at Brian to make sure he wasn't watching.  Well, he was watching; so he let go of the door knob.  Brian asked him what he was doing.  Judah replied, "I was sneaking to Mom's room."  Cutie!

He loves animals.  This is my uncle's dog.

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