Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Food Challenge Day!

Friday was Judah's first food challenge.  His allergy numbers didn't get worse so they recommended a food challenge with baked milk.  I was to bake these muffins with a specific recipe (which I remembered at 11pm the night before and mixed up the batch to bake in the morning) and bring them in fresh the morning of the challenge with a hungry Judah (no breakfast.)  We arrived at the hospital at 7:30am.  I was mistaken though and his appointment wasn't until 8:30am so I had a challenge of my own which was to keep him happy until he could get the promised muffins.  He was loudly (but politely at first) asking for a muffin every three seconds.  Some other patients were chuckling because he was asking so cute and I had to keep saying, "When we get in the office, you can have your muffin."  Ten minutes into that things started to dissolve into Hungry Toddler Meltdown City.  ever been there?  It's not a place you want to visit.  Trust me.  I tried distracting him.  After many failed attempts, he allowed me to hold him and walk around looking at all the pictures on the walls.  Bobby was asleep in the stroller, so he was no problem to stroll with us.

Once we finally signed the consent forms and were allowed to eat the muffin, it turned out he could only have a quarter of a muffin for the first 15 minutes.  Then he could have a half, wait fifteen minutes more, etc.  I started to panic thinking I'd be holding a hungry mad little boy, but he listened well to the doctor and waited really well.  He had to get his blood pressure taken each time to get his muffin, so that got him all excited each time.  Apparently, many kids get full and have to be talked into eating more, but not my hungry hippo.  We had to then wait for a total of four hours just to make sure he didn't have a reaction.

Did I mention Isaac and Judah got a haircut on Thursday by me?

He got bored of books and the few toys I brought and we busted out a pencil and old receipt.

After the first quarter he did start to tell me his mouth hurt which made me nervous, but he must have bit his tongue or something in his eagerness to eat that muffin because nothing happened and he was okay.  So he is now cleared to have small amounts of baked in milk AND things processed on equipment with milk.  YAY!  This opens up so much!

There were a couple of other food challenges going on at the same time.  One boy around the age of 10 was there doing a peanut challenge.  His doctor asked if he wanted to pick out a movie and the boy started to walk over to do that.  He got halfway there and turned to me to ask if my son would like to pick one out instead.  What an amazing young man!  It is so rare these days to see such thoughtful consideration for others in young people, and even in older people.  I thanked him, but declined the offer and told him to pick out whatever he wanted.  But it just made my day to see such kindness.

The morning wiped us both out and Judah was asleep before I pulled out of the parking spot.

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