Friday, September 11, 2015

Beach Trip: Professional Photos

 I am really glad we did this, and I am going to treasure these pictures.

The whole family

My sister and her family

My brother and his family--- FYI they are expecting their first baby in April!  We are super excited!

The grand-kids (minus Bobby) ended the photo shoot by splashing in the waves a bit.  Drew melted in a puddle of tears when he realized that his pants were wet and he couldn't take them off until we walked back to the beach house.

Our family

I didn't love this one of just our kids, but I have another that is going on the birth announcement that is way better. 

My crazy, singing, and dancing nephew---  He couldn't resist busting a dance move in the middle of the shoot.  I love this photo because it exudes his true colors.

My handsome big boy

The rest of these are the ones on my blog cover and side bar.  The best ones of Bobby are being saved until the birth announcements are out in the mail.  I just received them today in the mail.  Can't wait to get them out!  

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