Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Bobby is 15 months old. How can that be?

Bobby is 15 months and is supposed to be walking by now according to our doctor, but he's not.  I'm going to give him a little more time.  He can take up to three steps at a time, but that's as far as this cautious boy will do right now without sitting or falling.  I think the need for socks and Robeez right now are severely hindering his progression I haven't found sticky enough socks that will actually keep his feet from sliding yet.  He is, however, climbing a good amount now.  he is climbing onto boxes, chairs, the open dishwasher door, and into the bathtub (maybe head first, but unscathed.)  He is also running around the house on the ride on car toy.  He can get on and off by himself now.

Bobby is developing his temper early.  He has been hitting, biting, pulling hair, squeezing, and scratching.  Not fun.  Usually his victim is his favorite person in the world (at least in theory,) me!  I am thankful for this because he hasn't hurt any of the kids too badly, although Judah was once fooled into thinking he was getting a kiss and got a bite on the face.  A lot of this is frustration at not being able to communicate well, I think.  But more of it is when he can communicate his desires and we have to tell him, "no," he throws a fit in the form of going for whatever he can get a hold of first on me.  I am fast though so I can usually catch him before he does what he fully intends to do.  This was really hard for me to accept at fist.  My sweet easy going baby suddenly turned into a nasty toddler with a temper that seems beyond his years.  I knew this would happen because even my easiest children have gone through phases of extreme difficulty at some point.  I've come to terms with it and am working on his behavior as best I can with a little guy like him.  This too shall pass.  That's my mom motto.

Random cute picture of Judah, my sweet boy who shares and is endlessly kind to an increasingly unkind, impatient little toddler (that doesn't toddle) named Bobby.

He calls a dino an "uh uh" all because I told him about my brother calling his dino a "di-uh uh."  He thought it was funny so I kept repeating it to make him laugh and that was three months ago.  He still calls it an "uh uh" whenever he sees one.
His dimples and smile make all frustration with his behavior disappear and I am eternally grateful that God made babies and children so dern cute!  Saves 'em every time.

Judah is giving Bobby a lift.  This was an easy solution to a quarrel about who gets a turn.  Bobby actually has single-handedly reached up and got a hold of Judah's clothes and pulled him all the way to the ground on at least one occasion.

Aah, the eternal cow lick in one's hair when you have a double crown.  I'm sure it will drive me nuts one day, but at the moment it's kind of adorable.

Bobby has learned a lot of animal sounds to add to the duck, snake, and lion that he already did.  He now knows the sounds for cow (it's really more of a "Mmmm" but he says it every time so I know he is trying), dog (also says the word "dog"), sheep (another mispronunciation though as "dah" instead of "bah" but it is consistent), horse (sounds like "Nah"), bear, tiger, and any wild cat.

His pronunciation for many things is either half of the word of substituting the "b" sound for the "d."  He can say the "b" sound because he says, "Bob" clear as day, but "bye bye" and "Bah" for sheep are with "d" sounds.  The word "More" is "Mmm" just like his sound for a cow so you have to pay attention to context and signs.  Other new words (that I remember right now) I know he says and can understand one way or another are "outside," "down," and "high chair."

Oh yes, he is signing so much more now.  It really took off when he did the sign for "Please" and got what he wanted right away.  Now he is signing "Please" all over the place.  The children can not resist him when he signs "Please,"  well except for maybe Drew.  The rest just turn into putty in his hands when he does it.  No wonder he's so pissed at me.  I have to say "No" sometimes.  He's also signing the following:

All done (doing for a long time)

And then there are the made up signs that he does when he trying to tell me something but doesn't know the signs or words for it.  It's like gibber jabber, but in sign language.  He looks like he is doing a baseball call from the dugout.  It's pretty precious.

He rides backwards all over the main floor.

Standing in the absolutely cutest vest ever!

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