Sunday, November 27, 2016

Coming Along Nicely

On the way home from Drew's swim lessons, Bobby fell asleep.  Love sleeping babies!

 Well, it happened again!  I went out of town for the weekend and Bobby learned a new gross motor skill.  I am beginning to think I am hindering his progress somehow, but again I think it is just that I am mommy, a sensitive soul who responds much faster to him than, um, daddy.  Bob took his first steps when I was at the hospital with Hannah over night and he learned how to walk further than three steps over my girls' weekend.  In fact, he will walk nearly across the room without falling sometimes.  He is happy to show me how he can do it.  Proud is an understatement to describe his precious smiling face when he stands and walks.

He was briefly into coloring, but then it turned into throwing the crayons and demanding more.

He also put two words together right after I got back.  He said, "Mama, down," and "Night night, Judah."
He loves Isaac's orthodontist appointments because of this!  His brothers love the TV they have in there on cartoons.  They actually beg me to stay so they can watch TV.  I'm sure to onlookers this is pathetic and seems like my children are addicted to TV, but in reality it is because they don't get to watch much any other time.

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