Friday, November 4, 2016

Eban Emael Tour

Well, how did I  miss this one?  This post was waiting with pictures only in the drafts and got overlooked when I was going back in time to catch up.  So I am taking you back to when my parents were here.  

On the way home from Aachen, we stopped in for a tour of the Ebam Emael Belgium fort that was supposed to be impregnable and was taken by the Germans in WWII in about thirty minutes.  My mom and I thought this would be a quick tour and whoa we were wrong.  It was hours long.  We got home pretty late, but it was an enjoyable tour.

Before the tour, we had a light lunch at the Biergarten outside the fort.  We all had toasted sandwiches.  It was another beautiful day.  

Inside the mountain, in the fort, it was a little chilly.  There were a lot more stairs than I imagined.  The guide said it would take three hours on bike to go through all the tunnels.  We got to see the canons and control rooms and hear all kinds of cool stories about the fort and how it was taken so quickly.

Bobby was practicing standing and clapping for himself.

He was cheered on by his big brother.

My sweet, sweet boy!  Judah has just been the most precious thing lately.  He shares and says sorry in the sweetest way when he makes a bad choice without even being told, sometimes even without being caught.  He is so considerate of other people's feelings.

And he willingly went to Papa Boat on the last day of their visit.

Heading home!

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