Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Little Superheros

I made the boys some towels for the pool/beach this summer and for general bath time use as well.  First I made a Batman hooded towel for baby Tad with no name since the jury's still out on that one. (No picture yet since the name isn't added yet.)

(Technically, first I made a Superman hooded towel for my friend having a boy one day after my due date.  Then I made a Batman hooded towel for my nephew, Dylan, for his one year birthday which I will give to him early for our upcoming beach trip.)

I had two willing models for this hooded towel.  This is Isaac.

Yes, the hood is way too big, but I was eyeballing and sometimes that just happens.  It will last a long time since it is so big.

Then I made Drew a Captain America cape Velcro towel.

And, last but not least, I made Isaac a Superman cape Velcro towel.

I had planned something fun for the girls as well.  I was going to make something like these princess cover ups from towels (maybe not for Hannah since she is becoming less girly every day she lives,) but my mom had towels made for them  for our beach trip.

I am also making superhero burp cloths and onesies with felt machine appliqued on.  Here's my favorite!  Tad is going to rock these, and so are my two good friends' baby boys that will be born around the same time as Tad.  We are even planning a triple baptism for these three superhero babies.

My favorite part is the bum!

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