Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tad: The Ultrasound, the Name Debate, and My Pregnancy

I was supposed to have another ultrasound at 28 weeks to check on the growth of my baby because of my hypothyroid disease.  This can cause babies not to grow as much as they should.  My babies not growing as much as they should?  Is this a joke?  I have quite the record of babies growing a little too well, so I was not worried about this but I humored them.  Anyway, due to some scheduling confusion, I ended up at 30 weeks when I finally was given an appointment for this ultrasound.  As I said, I was not concerned since my babies are huge, and have you seen my belly?  I am getting the same question every time I leave the house, at least once, in one form or another.  "Are you due any day?"  "Glad you don't have to go through the summer, eh?"  "Are you so ready to have this baby?"  And my personal favorite thus far..."Do you feel like the baby is down to your knees?"

I digress.  I was quickly given a 7:30am appointment when it was realized that I missed the 28 week mark for this ultrasound.  Since this appointment is at Walter Reed, that means I had to leave my house by 6:30am.  Brian decided to come with the kids after my appointment and switch cars and the kids so he could go on to work.  That way we wouldn't have to wake them all up so early and make them sit in the waiting room anyway because no way would we all fit in one of those tiny rooms.  I decided to take Hannah with me so I could use the HOV lane and not have to ooch my departure time up even earlier than 6:30am.  All this is to say it was a crazy early appointment and Hannah and I got some one on one time.

What was the result of the ultrasound?  His cysts in his brain had resolved and were gone.  Praise God!  He is one big baby.  His head and femur else all measured in the 75th percentile and his weight was in the 56th percentile.  He was estimated to be about 3.5 lbs.  So another big boy!  No surprise there!  That your in-utero baby has a 75th percentile head is never something you want to hear before he has to come out, but I am trying to focus on the positive.  He's healthy and growing!  And Hey! I have a "proven pelvis," so no problem, right?

The pictures they gave me were not the clearest, but here is one of them anyway for posterity's sake.
After the ultrasound, I met up with Brian and took the kids to visit their friend while she was getting her chemo treatment.  We crashed that pediatric oncology ward big time. Hopefully, it brought joy to at least our friends!

Now, about that name debate, I am having one heck of a time talking my husband into one of my two favorite, albeit similar, names for this boy since if you will recall I gave in to his favorite name for our last boy.  He keeps changing his mind about which one he is more open to or likes more.  My names are Jude and Judah.  Jude, being the saint and also the author of a book in the Bible, and Judah being the fifth son of Jacob and one of the twelve tribes of Israel.  There's also the reference to Jesus being the "Lion of Judah."  First he doesn't like Jude because it has one syllable.  He liked Judah better.  Then he didn't like Judah because it was more Jewish sounding than Catholic.  Jude sounded more a Catholic.  Then he was afraid I would call him Judy in order to lengthen his name since I call Drew Drewy all the time.  Then he didn't like Judah because it sounded too much like Judas, and he is not someone you would name your kid after.  In fact, I wonder if there has ever been another Judas.  I am sure there has since there have been more Jezebelles and Hitlers.  Anyway, then he finally said the other night absolutely not Jude, but he was now considering Judah again for my sake.  It's like watching a tennis match.

The names he would really prefer are Benjamin, Jacob, and Matthew.  I like all these names.  They were all on the list last time, but Jacob was the one I was fighting for when Andrew won out.  The reason I am pushing for Jude or Judah this time around and didn't fight for it at all last time was that he told me last time, maybe for another boy Jude would be okay, but just not for that boy.  I foolishly believed him and dropped it for that go around.  :)  Even though I like all his names, I like Jude and Judah better.  And so the debate continues, and I have no name to yet put on my cute creations for my Tad.

My pregnancy is going well other than my varicose vein issue which continues to worsen in my left leg.  Tad is a joy to carry around even though he is quite the gymnast and drum player in there.  He reminds me a bit of in-utero Hannah when he stretches body parts out so far that I have to push them back in.  The three big kids have all had their turn at feeling him kick and roll and stretch.  The look on their faces when they feel him is priceless.  They are all vying for the seat next to him in the car already.  So sweet to see that fresh sibling love untainted by selfishness.  :)  Genna is praying regularly that this baby is a cuddler and loves her.  Drew is pointing to my belly and saying "Baby" but who knows what he is thinking that actually means.  He is still working on his "soft baby touches" since even his fleeting affections are rough and painful at times.  A hug can feel more like a slap in the face.  :)  And that's what the fifth (sixth really) pregnancy is like.  It is less about me and baby and more about everyone and everything else.  It makes the time go by entirely too fast, but Tad and I do have our quiet moments late at night or early in the morning with no one to interrupt.


Hunie said...

I love the name Jude! If I was able to have children, Jude would be in the running! God bless you!

Leah Boatwright said...

My favorites are Benjamin and Jacob but will love whatever you and Brian decide. :)

The Pilots Wife said...

Love Jude!

Jeff said...

I have a coworker named Tad.