Friday, January 16, 2015

A Mother's Dread

Stomach bugs!  It is especially awful for a mother of many since it slowly works it's way through all the children, doubles the laundry, makes you afraid to leave the house or have anyone over lest you pass on the dreaded disease.  It is especially awful for pregnant moms because, well, it's disgusting to clean up after, it increases the already present nausea, and it takes away your sleep.

That sounds bad, right?  Truthfully, this time it just wasn't quite so bad.  Last time I was pregnant (2 years ago) we had a stomach bug that knocked us down for a month.  It was long, almost leaving Genna unable to stay hydrated in the midst of it.  This time, it was quick.  The kids threw up what was in their stomach (that took one to three pukes depending on the kid) and then were done.  The best part was that no one soiled my carpet this time!  Beds were another story, but they are easier to clean than carpets.

Judah started this and even fooled me into believing it wasn't a bug.  He didn't have fever and it was just twice in a row.  He seemed fine after that.  Three day later, Isaac gets sick.  He did have a fever, but only for a couple of hours.  The next day Drew got sick.  Then nothing...for a whole week, when Hannah gets sick.  Well, I shouldn't say nothing because we got a different bug during that week, but that's another story.  Genna has still been okay.  I'm saying lots of prayers that we are better now.

I blame this whole thing on Chuck E. Cheese.  Three days after I weaned Judah totally we had a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, house of germs, in the middle of flu season.  I woke up that morning thinking, "Oh no, what am I thinking?"  Of course, you can't hide from germs all winter unless you are okay with having only 5 little people to talk to all. winter. long.  Three days later.  Bam!

"Yes, it was me who ate my grape after it fell on the ground at Chuck E. Cheese.  Yes, I may have licked a ski-ball too.  Hey, don't knock it till you've tried it."

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Kristen said...

NO FUN! Stomach bugs are the worst, especially in pregnancy! Glad you guys fared ok and are doing better. We had to Clorox and Lysol the whole house last month because we started reinfecting ourselves with the one we had. (and I am a meticulous cleaner, but I use "green" stuff). Nasty little germs. ;)