Friday, January 30, 2015

Ain't nobody got time for dat!

Judah's got the bronchitis.  Ain't nobody got time for dat!  Poor guys has been sick a lot the last couple of weeks, starting just after I weaned him.  Grrr.  I knew there was a reason I was still nursing that guy.  So the big boys got a cough and fever last Tuesday and the very next day, Judah wakes up with the same thing.  Problem is he couldn't shake his fever and started wheezing on Friday night.  The big boys were better that day and so I thought the next day he'd wake up fever free for sure, but instead he woke up with 103 fever.  So I dropped the kids off at German school and headed to the urgent care.  Drew stayed with Dad.  Judah got a breathing treatment and an x-ray that showed bronchitis, not pneumonia.  We were sent home with antibiotics and a nebulizer.

Judah got a hair cut recently.  He is 17 months old, and counting.
His fever went away by the end of the next day, but his cough and breathing trouble lasted until the next weekend.  Drew turned up Sunday night with an ear infection so we were back to the doctor first thing Monday morning.  I'm ready for spring!

Sick, unhappy, and not eating much

On a more positive note, Judah is turning out to be  much more like Genna than we thought.  His most favorite thing to ask for is, "Hug?" with big outstretched arms.  Unlike poor Drew he pronounces that /g/ sound perfectly.  He is moving from the repeating phase to the naming objects phase now.  He tells me what things are called all the time.  Sometimes he is wrong, like when he declares that the sun, stars, and the clouds in books are all a "Moon."  He will not give in on this one no matter how many times I correct him.  He also calls all superheros "Batman".  He likes to name the people in the family a lot, especially if he hears them from another part of the house or sees them in pictures.  He has also learned a couple of his friends' names.  He has a toy that names the shapes when he presses on them.  He was trying to name them the other day when all was quiet in the house.  He is putting two words together now too on a regular basis.  He also said his first (noticed!) 3 worded sentence to me the other day.  "Mommy, hug me."  Does it get any sweeter than that?

He has a book that his godparents gave him called The Saving Name of God the Son.  When we were reading it the other day, I pointed out Jesus, and he repeated it to me, then said "Mary" when he pointed to her.  He had trouble with the "r" sound a bit as all babies do, but it was so clear.  I am very proud of him.

I love when he does this!  The other day when I was scolding him, I told him to look at me.  That is the exact look he gave me, making his big eyes even bigger and leaning in with a head tilt.  I totally forgot what I was scolding him about and had to laugh.

He is sleeping with his three pacifiers still, but he has also become rather attached to his Grumpy Cat stuffed animal that he got from Christmas and always reaches out to tuck him under his arm when I lay him in his bed.  He is, majority of the time, happy as a clam to play quietly in his bed until I go get him at the end of nap time even if he wakes earlier.  This has made it hard for a certain husband when he looses track of the time and forgets to get him up.  Poor guy could be left in there half the day if you're not careful.

Judah's favorite book is My Puppy, A Little Golden Book.  He loves that puppy and asks for this book often at bed times.

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