Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ringing in 2015

We rung in the New Year all snug in our beds this year.  Before turning in, Brian cooked wings and I made a salad and some home-made applesauce.  The kids all loved the dinner.  Then we went outside in the back yard for some closely supervised sparklers.  Judah, being obsessed with going outside right now, couldn't be tricked into missing it.  He was not allowed to be near the sparklers or the chiminea though.  I had to follow him around very closely.  As you can see, it was super cold.

After that I had to tear the clothes from Judah's body as he screamed and tried to hold onto them for dear life so that I could put him to bed.  Drew went to bed next, and then the girls, Brian, and I taught Isaac to play Canasta.  Our rule is you have to be able to add numbers in the hundreds if you are going to play that game, and he has graduated to adding big numbers this semester.  The kids were sent to bed at about 10pm, and Brian and I spent some time together before falling asleep before midnight.  I was awoken briefly by some fireworks at midnight.  That was it for us this year!

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