Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Busch Gardens

Brian and I are not big amusement park people.  I don't like scary, fast, or high things, and Brian doesn't like crowds and waiting in line.  Plus, you know I am always in this state...

So we've not made it a priority to take the kids.  Lately, Genevieve has been asking to go on roller coasters though, and we thought we'd give it a shot.  Hannah and Isaac are my more cautious kids and I figured it wouldn't hurt to let them try some things out and see if they liked them.

On the tram ride from the parking lot to Busch Gardens, Hannah was already starting to panic, saying that she really thought the tram was scary.  She thought she might fall out.  I told her that that didn't bode well for her in Busch Gardens.

I was right, she wouldn't even go on the Sesame Street Roller Coaster which I labeled the "baby roller coaster" thinking she'd give it a try.  I will admit that she is just like me in this.  I was scared of everything as a child and really am not that much better as an adult.

This was actually the first ride of the day.  All the kids except for the babies went on this ride.

Hannah decided to be brave and do this Pompeii ride, but she cried through it and claimed that the people who own this place are "trying to kill us!"  

Genna took Judah on his one and only ride that he was allowed to go on.  He started to cry when I was buckling him in, but once it started moving he was thrilled.

Drew and his buddy rode on the Red Baron while the big kids went with the dads into some castle.

They also got to go on the little swings about four times in a row.

Isaac surprised me and went on a few pretty scary rides.  He opted out of some as well, especially if they were immediately after a ride that scared him.  He didn't cry though and at the end of each ride he said it wasn't so bad or that he had liked it.  The scariest one he went on, Brian said he yelled, "Dad!" over and over the whole ride.

"45 minutes of a nap all day doesn't do it for me."

All in all, we had a wonderful time except that my whole body hurt by the end of the day which is to be expected.  A great time with some of our best friends!

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