Sunday, April 12, 2015

Saint Swap: Part 2, The Saints Came Marching In

A while back I posted my St. Lucy peg dolls for my Catholic Saint Doll Swap and promised the full group of saints once they arrived.  They were late due to some people not meeting the deadline, so they didn't make it in time for Easter baskets.  However, they are here now!

Since I had St. Lucy, the rules stated I could order a smaller doll (2.5 inch.)  I had no idea the doll would be this much smaller!  She is in the front between the guardian angel and St. Anne.  I had the only child and I kinda hate that mine stands out so much from the rest that are all the same 3.5 inch size.  I would have thought the head size would have compared a little closer in size since there was only an inch difference in them.  Oh well!  Next time I am ordering the bigger dolls!

The little boys really like them.  They started making them all fight the first day and I told them," The saints would never fight.  They would say Mass or something."  In a few moments I heard Drew saying the word "Mass" over and over while he made his saints jump around.  Those literal preschoolers are quite the entertainment.

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