Friday, April 10, 2015

Judah's Blue Eyes and His Love for Sticks

My big blue eyed boy has somehow broken blood vessels in one of his eyes and there is a big red spot in the white of his eye.  It was the day after these pictures were taken.  On this day, he fell in love with his baseball cap that we found in the spring stuff.  He even tried to take his nap in it, but of course it wouldn't stay on.

He is completely obsessed with sticks and it is a losing battle to try to keep one out of his hands when they are all over our yard.  I would have totally blamed a stick for the red spot in his eye had we been outside that day, but it had been raining nonstop and so I know he hadn't had any sticks.

A strange picture, I know, but he does this weird and dramatic leaning over pose to see something a lot and I just want to remember it.

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