Wednesday, April 8, 2015


We started the day bright and early with a 5:30am power outage that lasted only minutes, but in a house very dependent on fans for background noise to sleep, that means an end to the typical peaceful sleeping.  We went to the 7:30am Mass which has become our pattern these days since Judah is still taking that 9am nap like a champ.

We are usually not late but because I put a little extra effort into the children's appearance on this Sunday, we were a couple minutes late.  We had to sit on the second row which used to be our custom back before Drew could move around.  They were excellent, in my opinion.  Judah's a little chatty these days, but it was a sweet tiny baby voice that didn't seem to be distracting enough for removal.  I did have to walk him tot he back once to regroup when he started demanding loudly to go outside right at the consecration.  Otherwise, I couldn't have asked for better behavior.  I even heard the homily.  Gasp.

Don't know why Drew felt the need to touch Judah's head.  Weirdo!

Easter baskets consisted of a book, some candy, chocolate for the big kids and a wagon with beach toys for Judah since he can't have Easter chocolate.  I have a case if the allergy kid guilt, so I bought him a wagon.  Don't judge.

We took more pictures at home before they all rushed to change clothes.

Loving the sticks these days.  Not so much the picture posing.

We had breakfast at a neighbor's house and I worked on my lamb cake and some side dishes for dinner.  Brian smoked some meat in his newish electric smoker.  We had some family friends over for dinner and cake.

I made the cake dairy free by just substituting the cup of milk for coconut milk, but the fluffiness of the cake severely suffered for it.  It was cute though.

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Mary Kirby said...

LOVE THAT CAKE! Great looking bunch!