Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Few Loose Ends from Our Trip

I found this floating suit for Drew at the thrift store and he loves it.  He got to borrow one at the end of last summer from his cousin and so I knew he liked this kind of suit.  He thinks it's his armor and encourages siblings to punch him so he can proudly announce that it "doesn't even hurt."

The place we stayed had a nice indoor pool.  We took the kids swimming twice during our stay.  Isaac was nervous that he couldn't swim anymore, but after I worked with him a few minutes he could swim across the pool without stopping or touching.  His stroke needs some work though.

Happy baby in the pool!
 Judah kept asking to get down when I first took him in the pool.  He didn't understand that he would sink.  So I took him under a bunch of times and he didn't choke once.  He also really didn't mind it, and it solved the problem of him asking to get down.

Judah was totally happy to hang out in the stroller while we walked around Williamsburg for a while.  The ring pop I got him made it even sweeter.

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